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Why we’re putting faith in the future with new fashion PR internship

By Rachel Gladwin

We’re always on the lookout for bright new talent to help drive our fashion campaigns. That’s why we’re trying something a little different with Beattie’s Rising Stars internship programme in Leeds – by taking on a specialist fashion PR intern.

Our integrated communications agency has a long tradition of bringing young people into the  industry, then helping them to shine. Many of our full-time staff started out as interns or account administrators, including our Group CEO Laurna Woods.

Young people bring fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm. And they learn fast.

Our newly recruited fashion PR intern is Rebecca Longbottom, who will focus her energies on clients such as La Redoute, the French clothing and homewares brand.

Rebecca is in the final year of an honours degree and is combining her studies with two days a week on Beattie’s specialist fashion retail PR team. There, she will get lots of real-world experience, learning the ins and outs of clothing, accessories and footwear lines and how to keep up with the latest trends in both the fashion and retail industries.

Our team works with a range of clients and Rebecca will get to understand how these brands operate in the UK, from production, to pricing, to marketing. As PR and marketing consultants, we need to understand the business side of the fashion industry as well as how to assist creatively with magazine photo shoots, fashion shows and launches.

Jobs in fashion marketing and PR require intelligence, hard work and dedication. This career isn’t boring but it also means aspiring professionals need to be open to some challenges as they establish themselves and learn the ropes.

Communicate brilliantly

What we look for in our interns – whether in fashion PR or elsewhere in the business – are the same things we seek out in everyone who comes to work for our integrated communications agency.

They need the ability to communicate brilliantly, allied to an insatiable curiosity and appetite for learning. They must be able to buckle down and get the hard graft done, hitting deadlines and keeping our clients delighted. And it should go without saying that they have to understand the media and to have a real creative streak.

In return, they’ll gain first-hand experience of working in an agency, picking up skills at a fast pace with the guidance of mentors who build their professional credentials the same way. They will learn how client relationships are developed and build that -important little black book of contacts. (In Rebecca’s case, working in fashion PR, she’ll become familiar with everyone from stylists to photographers, and influencers and fashion editors.)

We hone copywriting skills, give interns insight into the workings of business and help them develop an eye for spotting trends.

It’s the kind of experience that builds CVs and sets our interns apart from the competition – and our integrated communications agency apart from rivals. And don’t forget for the talented, today’s intern is tomorrow’s hire.

But don’t leave it to me to convince you of the value of our internships. Rebecca can tell you herself …




Rebecca Longbottom, 22, is the fashion PR intern at Beattie’s Manchester office. She is in the third year of a BA (Hons) in Multimedia Journalism at Manchester Metropolitan University.

“I’m working two days a week at Beattie, with three days at university. I’m an organised person so combining work with study isn’t an issue. It’s all about time management, and that’s a useful skill to pick up early in a career. Being able to work in an area linked to what I’m studying, instead of a part-time job in something unrelated, is actually quite useful.

“That said, I don’t actually think much about my uni work when I’m here. I find that useful as being so engaged in what I’m doing at Beattie means I can look at my studies with a fresh pair of eyes, and vice versa, because you’re thinking about other things. As a bonus, I’m feeling like one improves the other.

“Working in a professional setting is not only helping me hone the skills I’ve picked up at uni, but showing me their real practical applications. Learning about something is not the same as doing it, and I’m building up my professional and personal skills every day that I spend in the office.

“I’ve been in the job a few weeks, learning the ropes from colleagues I’ve been shadowing. I’m doing the nitty-gritty jobs – the likes of administration, organisation, cuttings and ring-rounds. I’m finding out what works for clients and what doesn’t, and becoming familiar with who’s who among the clients, the journalists, the bloggers and the influencers we work with.

“Balancing work and study is also instilling a work ethic in me that can’t be taught, while giving me the kind of opportunities you could never get in the classroom, like helping out at La Redoute’s Autumn/Winter press show in London. That was a busy day, but exciting, too.

“I’ve always had an interest in fashion and I’m so lucky to be working in that area. I know so many people who’d love to get into this side of PR, but you’ve got to put yourself out there. You make your own luck.”

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