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Work placements with Beattie

By Laurna Woods

Every company should keep its eye on the next generation of talent.

Which is why we encourage work placements at Beattie.

Here's a piece from Manchester University student Elliott Mills, who recently spent a week with us.


I feel as though I never exude more happiness than when I am producing content. It was for this reason that I wanted to get some experience at a PR Company in Manchester towards the end of my time at university.

As I was studying English Literature and have an interest in writing, I was keen to spend a bit of time at a place where I could be involved in helping produce press releases and content for company websites.

I had a week available in the Summer, and so contacted Beattie Communications as I saw that they were offering work placements. They said they would be happy to take me on in their Manchester office so that I could get a sense of what is involved in PR and Digital Marketing.

Straight away when I arrived, I found the team to be really friendly, and soon I was given the opportunity to work on the kind of writing tasks in which I was initially interested. On top of that, I was also asked to contact regional newspapers to ‘sell-in’ press releases.

‘A really valuable experience’

It was this variety which I found useful, as it meant the short period of work experience was more beneficial to me than if I had only been able to work on the same kind of tasks repeatedly.

It’s always good to accrue skills and knowledge, and this is what the week offered. For example, in order to carry out some research tasks, I was shown how to use a media database which I did not previously know about. These are the sort of small details which made it worthwhile.

All in all, I found it to be a really valuable experience which I would recommend to anyone looking to get some hands on experience in PR.


If you'd be interested in doing a work placement at Beattie, drop us an email at recruitment@onlybeattie.com