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By Laurna Woods

As an integrated communications agency we’ve won more than our fair share of PR and marketing awards but nothing makes me happier than receiving a glowing email from a client.

I was overjoyed when Dawn Bannerman, the chief marketing officer for fashion brand La Redoute, got in touch following a review of the results we generated over the last 12 months. This is word-for-word what she said in her email:

“Once again you guys have delivered an outstanding result for us.  But of course, that wasn't a surprise to me.

“The Beattie team’s enthusiasm, passion and energy for our business shows clearly in everything you do, every day, every event, every conversation. 

“You are the PR agency that brands dream of...the biggest advocates of our brand, personal shoppers of our products and you operate with the skill and drive to focus my own team on the big and small ideas when times are tough.

“Many agencies talk about being partners, an extension to the team. I hear it in every pitch across every discipline. Most fail to do what they claim, but not you guys, you are a true extension to our team, Redoute colleagues just under a different guise.

“So, thank you again for the great results in 2018, your commitment – personal and professional – and I look forward to an exciting 2019.”

I’ve received many great emails in my time from clients but this beats them all. We shared it across the agency. I sent it to all our PR, digital, creative and content marketing people but I’m proud to share this client testimonial far and wide in my blog.

We’re lucky at Beattie, the integrated communications agency, because we work only with people that we like and brands that we love.

We deliberately choose not to work with people and brands that we don’t admire.

It has led us to part company with more than a few clients over the years but we learned long ago that we produce our best work for people that we like.   

In business, you won’t go far wrong if you’re true to your values.