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Airdrie Savings Bank Attracts Depositor Interest

Sunday, 29 August 2010

People and businesses across Scotland have expressed an interest in opening accounts with Airdrie Savings Bank - the country's last independent bank.


The swell of interest from the general public has resulted from a group of prominent Scots, led by transport mogul Brian Souter, announcing on Friday that they are to deposit millions with the bank.


Bob Boyle, president of Airdrie Savings Bank, said: "I and my fellow trustees are heartened by the interest generated by the involvement of such a high profile group of depositors."


Brian Souter said: "It shows the people of Scotland are keen to support a Scottish bank built on traditional values, financial prudence and excellent service."


Airdrie Savings Bank is planning to open one, possibly two, new branches over the next 18 months. Further growth will be determined by the level of interest from communities across Scotland in opening accounts.


Brian's fellow depositors include Ewan Brown, Alastair Salvesen, Sir Tom Farmer, Ann Gloag, Sir Angus Grossart, Sir David Murray and DC Thomson & Co Ltd.


Brian added: "Together with Bob and the trustees, we are very much committed to maintaining the bank's mutual status. The bank is owned by the trustees on behalf of the depositors and there are no plans to change that."


Individuals and businesses who want to open accounts with Airdrie Savings Bank can register an interest on the bank's website www.airdriesavingsbank.com


The bank was established in 1835, yet depositors can still open deposit accounts with as little as 5p.




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