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Airdrie Savings Bank Launches Customer Recruitment Roadshow Edinburgh

Monday, 01 November 2010


Airdrie Savings Bank, which is to expand out of its Lanarkshire heartland, is to hold its first customer recruitment roadshow in Edinburgh.


The roadshow is being organised in conjunction with Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.


The bank is planning to interview and recruit a significant number of new business and personal customers in the capital.


The roadshow will take place on November 17 and 18 in the chamber's Festival Square Hub.


Airdrie Savings Bank has announced plans to open at least one new branch outside of Lanarkshire over the coming year.


"The roadshow in Edinburgh is the first step in the process," explained Jim Lindsay, general manager of Airdrie Savings Bank. "We have received a great deal of interest in our services from the people of Edinburgh and we felt it was appropriate to launch our roadshow programme in Scotland's capital city.


"The location of the first new branch has not yet been decided but we are planning to hold a series of roadshows around the country.


"This roadshow will focus on the business community but we expect a significant number of private customers to also open accounts."


Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is inviting its member businesses to attend the roadshow as well as reaching out to companies in Edinburgh city centre.


Graham Birse, managing director of the chamber, said: "We are keen to support the expansion of a Scottish bank which has been built on traditional values - security of funds, a focus on savings and outstanding personal service."


To book an appointment at the roadshow, email Rosalind Laird at Airdrie Savings Bank - rosalind.laird@airdriesavingsbank.com or telephone 01236 766851.


Airdrie Savings Bank is 175 years old and, as Scotland's last independent bank, has seven branches in Lanarkshire. It was established in 1835 as part of the "thrift" movement and even today allows accounts to be opened with a deposit of only 5p.