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Barratt brand back in business

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Tangerine Confectionery, creators of a wide range of confectionery heroes, has announced the return of Barratt - the much-loved retro sweets brand - this spring.

Its return marks the 170th anniversary of the much-loved Barratt brand, which was founded by George Osbourne Barratt in Shoreditch, London.

The Barratt brand portfolio will include DipDab, Refreshers, Nougat, Sherbet Fountain, Fruit Salad, Black Jack, Wham, Refreshers Softies and Fruit Salad Softies.

Eight of the 10 best-selling Tangerine Confectionery SKUs* will now be housed under the Barratt brand, including top seller the Barratt DipDab 23g.

The new launch is being supported with an initial investment of £1.5 million, including a new website, full redesign, and TV advertising – putting a spotlight on the revitalised brand and its key product offering.

The decision to bring back Barratt, last seen on shelves in 2013, was prompted by customer demand and market research revealing that the majority of consumers (75%) still hold a strong affinity and fondness for the brand. The majority of the Barratt brand portfolio will be made up of singles, currently worth upwards of £350m per year**.

Set to appear on TV in March 2018, the Barratt logo and pack designs have been revamped to pique shopper’s interests, while still retaining a familiar identity and retaining the trust of consumers.

In addition to Barratt’s exciting return to our shelves, Tangerine Confectionery has also announced the launch of a Sour Apple flavour DipDab - a brand new take on the well-known lolly, with a sour sherbet dip set to turn the UK’s tongues green.

The refreshing new flavour has been designed to provide for the increasing demand for sour tasting confectionery, which has grown by a massive 213% in the last year. The product is predicted to be a huge success with consumers and is available in Asda and various independent retailers from February.

Russell Tanner, Marketing and Category Director at parent company Tangerine Confectionery, said: “The return of Barratt is incredibly exciting, for both consumers and retailers who have a strong memory and connection with the brand.

“Our decision to bring back Barratt demonstrates the business’ commitment to listening to consumer needs and our ongoing determination to drive category growth. We’re optimistic that the return of this much-loved brand will help to drive our ambition further increase our standing in the kid’s singles market to 10 per cent market share.

“Our recent research has shown that a key global trend for 2018 continues to be ‘Kidulting’, the popularity of treats and sweets geared towards adult consumers who are looking for ways to relive their childhood and eat the sweets that remind them of their youth. The study showed that simple pleas­ures, like eating a DipDab, helped adults reconnect with their inner ‘big-kid’.

“Barratt’s key messaging and range of products align perfectly with this trend, reviving sweet memories and a sense of nostalgia, while encouraging adults to take respite from ‘grown up’ responsibilities to embrace the fun of sweets. The brand perfectly recaptures the simple joys of childhood.

“We expect the new Sour Apple DipDab flavour to fly off shelves, as consumers enjoy a sour version of the well-loved product and welcome back the Barratt brand they know and trust.”

Providing a taste of nostalgia for modern times, the new Barratt branded products will be available in over 90 per cent of retailers nationwide. 

For stockist details or more information on Tangerine Confectionery’s Back to Barratt campaign call 01977 692500.


*IRI to 3rd December 2017

**MAT to 3rd December 2017



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