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Beattie Communications Launches Women’s Marketing Biz

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Beattie Communications has launched second business specialising gender marketing.

The launch of Only Women comes a month after Beattie Communications launched Only Men, the world's first marketing agency to specialise in the marketing of male brands.

Laurna Woods, group managing director of Beattie Communications, said: "We received an outstanding response for the launch of Only Men, so we felt we should round off the circle by launching Only Women.

"Only Women is an integrated marketing and communications business offering everything from web marketing and advertising to media relations and media buying.

"We are starting Only Women with a small core team of eight but, if it's as successful as we anticipate, that number will grow dramatically over the coming year."

"We already look after a number of exciting women's brands including Simple, TENA and the M&S fashion ranges, so we see Only Women as a natural extension of what we are already offering."

London PR agency Beattie Communications operates 21 specialist marketing boutiques under the Only brand. They include Only Health, Only Travel and Only Kids.

Beattie Communications has eight offices in the UKincluding Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester.



For further information please contact Laurna Woods on 0800 612 9890


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