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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Gordon Beattie, founder of Beattie, the integrated communications agency, has written his third business book which will be published on Tuesday.

Entitled “Quote For The Day” the book gives daily inspirational thoughts aimed at business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketing and communications professionals.

“It’s the sum total of all that I know, learned or borrowed from people with bigger brains, greater insight and more experience than me,” said Beattie who founded his London-headquartered agency 31 years ago.

 “The book contains a fresh thought and an accompanying image for every day of year. I deliberately decided on quotes because busy people don’t have time to read long meandering articles.

“I’ve tried to condense every thought into 30 words or less so each quote only takes a couple of seconds to read and I’m convinced that short and sweet beats long and winding every day of the year.”

With offices in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow in the UK and Toronto and Victoria in Canada, Beattie Communications provides PR, digital, social, creative and advertising services to some of the world’s best loved brands.

He continued: “When I left the world of journalism three decades ago and set up Beattie in Scotland, I never imagined the agency would cover the UK never mind span the Atlantic.

“Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of working with the best business and marketing brains on the planet and all I’m doing is passing on some of the secrets I’ve learned.

“Some of the quotes are inspirational, others challenge conventional thinking and a few might even be classed as controversial. If the quotes make readers think, the book will have enriched their lives.”

“Quote For The Day” will be available on Amazon but Beattie is giving away 100 free copies. To claim yours, send an email with your postal address to book@onlybeattie.com.