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British Kids Out Their Dads Dodgy Dress Sense

Monday, 23 July 2012

IT'S official - British dads have no sense of style, according to a survey¹ released today.

Among the crimes to fashion leaving teenagers cringing are bad hairdos, dodgy specs, Simon Cowell waistlines and wearing socks with sandals, according to the survey commissioned by Specsavers.  

More than 60% of UK youngsters admitted their dad was unfashionable, with nearly 30% of children surveyed reckoning that the celeb dad that best resembled their own was Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson - known for his double denim disasters and unruly mop of hair.

Researchers found that 80% said they had been left red-faced by their old man at some point, while 75% youngsters thought their dad enjoyed embarrassing them and 60% reckon their dad thinks he's cooler than he really is.

A spokesperson for Specsavers, who commissioned the survey says: 'Most of us have been embarrassed by our old man at some point and usually, the most humiliating experiences take place during your teenage years when your dad's dodgy dress sense and mortifying behaviour can seem like the worst thing in the world!

'While there is no doubt our dads could do with a bit of assistance in the style department, what normally embarrasses us in our early years endears them to us later in life. So kids need to help dads in designer distress to transform from dodgy to dapper. Some simple style advice on a cool haircut, new jeans and some funky specs can make the world of difference!' 

The study of 2,000 13-21 year-olds was commissioned by Specsavers to launch its nationwide campaign, Dob in your Dad, which aims to find Britain's least fashion-savvy dad and help him turn over a new style leaf.

The winning dad will be given a £500 makeover and a five-star family holiday to St Lucia. He and his family will also be invited to the celebrity-studded Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards at London's iconic Battersea Power Station in October to be presented with a special Designer Dad of the Year award by dapper dad Jeff Brazier.

Mums and kids can nominate dads by visiting www.specsavers.co.uk/dobinyourdad or by popping into their local Specsavers store for an entry leaflet, which they can send with a photo of their dad in designer distress to a freepost address.


Survey summary

  • 75% are embarrassed by the things their dad says
  • 60% think their dad is unfashionable. Worst style offences include:
    • 31% bad haircut
    • 25% socks and sandals
    • 17% novelty ties
    • 14% dodgy glasses
  • 27% say the celebrity their dad most resembles is Jeremy Clarkson
  • 43% are embarrassed by their dad singing and dancing in public
  • 75% youngsters thought their dad enjoyed embarrassing them
  • 27% have refused to be seen in public with their dad
  • 32% make their dad drop them off around the corner from school or a meeting place with friends
  • 60% reckon their dad thinks he's cooler than he really is



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¹Source: OnePoll survey, May 2012. Test study of 2,000 UK residents aged 13-21 

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