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British Stiff Upper Lip Finally Wobbles

Monday, 29 March 2010


The world renowned British 'stiff upper lip' has become a thing of the past as we display our emotion and passion in spades, with survey results showing that Scots regularly shed a tear, share a laugh or embrace a stranger in excitement whilst out in public. Music, cinema and sport really do get our emotions flowing with 78% of Scots confessing to yelling, screaming and shrieking in support of our favourite sports team - making us the most vocal in the UK, research from Scotland's favourite baker, Warburtons, reveals today.


The emotional state of the nation

  • Scots are in fact more akin to passionate Italians when it comes to showing emotion - with 63% of us admitting to adopting a tactile approach as we greet good friends with a kiss or hug, an increase of 34% over the last 15 years.


  • 44% of Scottish people prefer to greet their good friends with open arms rather than a peck to the cheek, making them the most hug-friendly people in the UK.


  • 55% of Scots have admitted to shedding a tear or having had a good cry in public, with a third (33%) admitting they are not afraid to show their emotions and that they are sensitive to the feelings of others - the highest percentage of any area in the UK.


  • Scots are the most likely of any area in the UK to get carried away when they're excited - with 62% of us admitting to being likely to start flailing our arms in the air!


Pride in our work

Passion is not just limited to our hobbies. An impressive ­­65% of Scots surveyed feel passionate about work. Warburtons, Scotland's favourite baker, commissioned the research to celebrate the launch of its new advertising campaign which highlights the care that its employees take in baking its delicious bakery products with the new strapline - 'We care because our name's on it'.


Brits over-index in the passion stakes

When plotted on the "passion index", a formula which indicates passion based on how often people display emotion, the UK reached an average of 69%.. Scots scored 67% on the passion index - hardly the sign of a reserved nation.  Southerners aren't afraid to show how they feel either with the stereotypically hardnosed Londoners rating a loved up 78%, while the Welsh are the least emotional bunch measuring just 62% on the passion index.


Richard Hayes, Marketing Director at Warburtons, comments: "This new research brings to light a trend which we have seen developing over the years - the British stiff upper lip finally wobbling as more and more Brits wear their hearts on their sleeves. As a company that takes great pride in what we do, this is something that we see on a daily basis in our staff who put a huge amount of passion into baking the nation's daily bread."


Notes to Editor:

  • - Survey sample included 1,000 British adults from across the UK and was conducted both in person during face to face interviews as well as telephone interviews.


  • - Warburtons is the UK's leading independent baker and was established in a grocery shop in Bolton in 1876 by Thomas and Ellen Warburton. Today the business is actively run by the fifth generation of the Warburton family - Brett, Jonathan and Ross.


  • - Warburtons is the second biggest grocery brand in the UK. Source: The Grocer Magazine, Nielson Britain's 100 Biggest Grocery Brands, March 2009


  • - With fourteen bakeries and thirteen depots around the UK, the company serves customers from the Scottish Highlands and Islands in the North to Southampton in the South.


  • - Warburtons produces over two million loaves, rolls and crumpets every day and in the UK we eat the equivalent of nine million large loaves of bread on a daily basis. Statistics provided by the Federation of Bakers.