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Brits Ditch Dairy Bid To Lose Weight

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Britons are so desperate to lose weight they are defying expert advice and dropping dairy from their diets in order to shift the pounds.

In a study conducted by Dutch Edam, more than a third ditch the dairy to get to their ideal size and over two thirds do not get their daily calcium requirements. Worrying nearly 60% never consider the health of their bones or diseases such as osteopenia (thinning bones), recent diagnosed to macrobiotic follower Gwyneth Paltrow, and osteoporosis.  

As a nation, nearly 80% of us have shunned milk, with less than a quarter still drinking a glass daily. Instead preferring hot drinks, 68% declare tea or coffee their favourite and nearly a quarter drink fizzy drinks at least three times a day. 1 in 5 also wrongly assume that milk in their cereal is enough to fulfil the day's calcium requirements. 

Nutritionist Anita Bean, BSc, is urging people to protect their bones now by eating three pieces of calcium a day or pay the price later in life.

Anita comments: "These statistics are worrying as they suggest people are not consuming enough calcium - a dash of milk a day simply isn't enough to ensure the benefits of building strong bones. What's more ridding your diet entirely of dairy in a bid to lose weight, is definitely not recommended, as well as the health implications, a balance diet is a much more effective way to keep the weight off."

Rob Dawson, at the National Osteoporosis Society, comments: "We build our peak bone mass by the age of 25 so it's vital to 'bank' bone density, building up healthy and strong levels. We can do this by getting out in the sun, taking regular exercise and having a healthy calcium-rich diet. Beyond 25, the body maintains bone density so you need to 'bank' strong bone before then to support you through life."

Anita continues: "It really is very simple to add additional dairy to your diet, and I have worked with Dutch Edam to develop a diet plan that ensures you are getting your three-a-day. Foods such as milk, Edam and yoghurt generally are great sources of calcium."

Anita's calcium guide and dietary plan are available to view and download on http://www.edam.co.uk/



  • Osteoporosis is not an old woman's disease. You can begin losing bone density as early as your mid twenties and thirties
  • One in five young women already have a condition called osteopenia (thinning bones) and its our lifestyle choices that could be causing the damage
  • Edam is an excellent source of calcium and a great way of getting one of your three a day
  • Edam is 25% less fat than cheddar and contains 14% more calcium, making is a great way to get one of your three day.





Notes to Editors

Anita Bean BSc R Nutr is a registered nutritionist, as well as a best-selling author and health writer. Her practical style has made her one of the UK's most respected nutritionists. She has written 24 books on nutrition and fitness including The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition and Food For Fitness. Winner of three major achievement awards in nutrition, she writes a regular column for Good Housekeeping and contributes to several other monthly magazines. Anita is a member of the Nutrition Society and the Guild of Health Writers. A former British bodybuilding champion, yoga-devotee and mother of two daughters she is a strong advocate of an active lifestyle.



National Osteoporosis Society

"In the UK alone, every three minutes someone breaks a bone because of osteoporosis and we know that unless we take action now, the number of cases will keep rising. I hope that as many people as possible take the one-minute osteoporosis test, so we're all aware of the risk factors that we face."

Joanna Lumley, Supporter of the National Osteoporosis Society, UK

"People thought I took a big risk when I sailed around the world by myself. However, there's one thing I don't take risks with, and that's my bone health, because without strong bones I wouldn't have been able to sail across so many seas. I'm not going to take any risks with my bones, and neither should you. Get yourself checked and beat the break, so you can continue doing what you like best. "

Dame Ellen MacArthur, solo long-distance yachtswoman