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Brits Voted Most Uptight Europeans - Get Little Oompah Your

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Brits have been crowned the most uptight Europeans in a national poll.


Research out today from low-fares airline, easyJet, reveals that a combination of the rising cost of living, some of the longest working hours across Europe and the coldest winter for 30 years has led to UK residents becoming more highly-strung than their European counterparts.


Surprisingly the results indicate that Brits should be looking to the Germans for a lesson in letting their hair down - with 49 per cent of those questioned categorising UK residents as uptight, in contrast to eight per cent indicating that Germans may have difficulty relaxing.


In a bid to cheer up the UK's stressed out population, easyJet has commissioned a top psychologist to explore which aspects of German culture helps to lighten the nation's mood.  The research found that traditional German Oompah music, characterised by its distinctive "oom" and "pah" beats, was the perfect way to beat the blues.


Dr David Lewis-Hodgson, chartered psychologist and director of research at Mindlab® International explains: "Light-hearted and perpetually cheerful aren't words that are traditionally associated with the German nation, however, the country's famous Oompah style music ticks all the right boxes in terms of pitch and volume with a crisp, fast beat, generating instant pleasure with the release of the famed 'feel good' chemicals called endorphins.


"This lively music impacts especially on the right hemisphere of the brain, producing what is termed an 'approach' response - a desire to explore and embrace the world around us.  Fast Oompah music also generates fast brain waves which are associated with a more positive and hopeful outlook on life."


With the lively and uplifting sounds of Oompah proven to have a substantial effect on the human psyche, easyJet is touring a traditional Oompah band around London to lighten the mood in Europe's most serious city - as well as offering discounted flights to key destinations across Germany to help bring some cheer to fed up Brits.


Paul Simmons, easyJet's UK General Manager, comments: "Our touring Oompah band aims to bring some much needed cheer to the UK and encourage Londoners to lighten their mood and maybe take themselves a little less seriously.


"If this fails we have taken extra measures and introduced two new routes to Hamburg and Dusseldorf from London Gatwick Airport, as well as discounted flights, to encourage Brits to take a much needed break and experience the German culture first-hand."



Notes to Editors

easyJet flies from:

  • § Gatwick to Dusseldorf, Cologne, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg
  • § Luton to Dortmund, Berlin and Hamburg
  • § Stansted to Munich

Prices start from £22.99 one-way including taxes


Survey Results:

A random sample of 1,095 UK residents were surveyed online. The questions and results are detailed below:


Which of the following do you consider to be the most uptight European countries?

UK (49 per cent)

France (32 per cent)

Germany (8 per cent)

Other (11 per cent)


What do you believe makes Europeans most bad tempered?

Money worries (38 per cent)

Working hours (16 per cent)

Rising cost of living (11 per cent)

Weather (21 per cent)

Traffic (4 per cent)

Other (10 per cent)






About easyJet:

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