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Business Information Service Proving To Be Vital Life-Line For Some

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Scotland's dedicated business information service, SCOTBIS, has played a pivotal role in the healthy success of many of the country's burgeoning SMEs by providing the best commercial information available in the UK.


Located within the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, SCOTBIS holds information on over 110 million companies and thousands of industries worldwide, an essential resource which has aided in the creation of new businesses throughout the country, especially within the healthcare sector - a sector estimated to be worth £120bn a year and set to triple by 2012.


By using information gleaned from SCOTBIS, Wellness and Health Innovation (WHI), a company based in Glasgow and West Lothian, has helped kick-start over 100 Scottish companies and aims to promote economic development in Scotland and create a number of new jobs.


The company, which was set up in 2008, is tasked with developing products and services for businesses looking to infiltrate the wellness and health sector. 


Katie Sillars, market intelligence co-ordinator for Wellness and Health Innovation said: "SCOTBIS has been an essential life-line for me in sourcing the relevant information required to support the development of new companies.


"Our core responsibilities are to source market intelligence, provide product, technology and innovation support, and encourage business development in the wellness and health sector.


"The kind of information I access through SCOTBIS includes: market research reports; market news; white papers; technological advancements in medical devices and instruments; trends; company accounts and competitor analysis to name but a few.


"This information from SCOTBIS is vital for us to create the next generation of companies that will develop some of the most exciting healthcare technologies around, everything from the latest voice biometrics through to state-of-the-art fitness equipment."


Liz MacDonald, business information specialist at SCOTBIS, who helps around 1,000 companies every year, adds:  "We have provided Wellness and Health Innovation with a range of intelligence since 2008 and we are delighted to have helped support the growth of this sector which, in turn, makes a substantial contribution to Scotland's economy.


"Although we have cutting-edge information on the wellness and health markets, we can also be of benefit to individuals at the early stages of their business plan or owners and managers requiring basic information on competitors across all markets.


"All types of businesses can benefit from the huge expanse of commercial information available and we are just a phone-call or click of the mouse away."


Wellness and Health Innovation supports companies throughout Scotland on behalf of Scottish Enterprise. Clients include DanMedical in Inverness, manufacturer of medical devices; Speech Sentinel in Dundee, specialists in voice biometrics; Edinburgh's CPX Solutions, developers of cardio pulmonary exercise techniques, and Giltech in Ayrshire, a global company which develops biodegradable technologies.


SCOTBIS is a national business information service and holds one of the largest publicly accessible business collections in both Scotland and the UK. It assists start-up companies, small and medium sized businesses, sector analysis consultants, market researchers and enterprise companies.


SCOTBIS' data can be accessed by visiting in person, via telephone or by e-mail, with a growing number of databases now available to be accessed remotely from personal computers across Scotland.


For further information on SCOTBIS visit http://www.scotbis.com/ or e-mail enquiries@scotbis.com





Issued by Beattie Communications on behalf of SCOTBIS - the Scottish Business information Service.




Notes to editors:


  • SCOTBIS was founded in 1989 to help Scotland's businesses and located with the National Library of Scotland
  • It deals with approx 2,000 detailed research enquiries per year
  • Information is available free of charge or for a nominal sum
  • Requests from clients are varied and include:
  • - Lists of companies located in particular geographic areas
  • - Lists of overseas companies in the pharmaceutical sector
  • - Worldwide companies with an annual turnover of over £100m
  • - List of top 100 companies in Edinburgh by turnover and number of employees
  • - Smoking cessation figures
  • - Renewable energy companies
  • - Current figures on number of people with dementia
  • - Scotch whisky market
  • - Company financial information


  • Some of the databases and reference information include:
  • - COBRA (Complete Business Reference Adviser) - practical information for new or expanding businesses
  • - FAME - full accounts on 2.4 million UK companies
  • - Factiva - articles from 14,000 newspapers and trade publications worldwide
  • - Frost & Sullivan - international market research on global manufacturing sectors
  • - Global Reference Solutions - information on over 110 million businesses of any size, anywhere in the world
  • - Mintel - market research reports