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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Butterkist, the nation’s number one popcorn brand (current MAT share 38%*), is set to release an exclusive limited edition popcorn for the Easter snacking market.

Butterkist Limited Edition Hot Cross Bun popcorn (150g, MRRSP £1.49) will launch on 15 February 2016. It will be the first hot cross bun popcorn to the market, developed following consumer research which shows that 95 per cent of consumers are interested in seasonal popcorn, and that consumers seek differentiation through flavours and colours. The research also confirmed that Butterkist limited edition products drive consumer appeal and interest**.

Hot cross buns are second only to Easter eggs when it comes to consumer association with Easter, and the zesty, spicy flavour of Butterkist Limited Edition Hot Cross Bun popcorn is designed to capitalise on this connection.

Family time together is a core heartland occasion for Butterkist, and this seasonal limited edition will appeal to consumers, particularly those with children, that are looking to make Easter gatherings a little more special. Taste is central to Butterkist’s offerings and this unique, temptingly moreish flavour hits the spot for adventurous consumers hungry for innovative new recipes to tantalise their tastebuds.

The eye-catching Easter themed bag, which deviates from Butterkist’s classic red packs with a spring-themed yellow look, has strong shelf appeal and standout.

Butterkist, a brand with a 100 year heritage, produces  some of the nation’s best-selling SKUs including Cinema Sweet, Toffee and Sweet & Salted (the fastest growing flavour year on year*). The Butterkist Hot Cross Bun popcorn will broaden the brand’s traditional flavour portfolio and exploit the seasonal increase in snacking sales, appealing to new shoppers. For those looking for guilt-free snacking, the recipes are made from wholegrain, a good source of fibre.

Commenting on the launch of the new Butterkist Hot Cross Bun flavour popcorn, Anjna Mistry, senior brand manager at Butterkist, said: “Butterkist is synonymous with popcorn, known for Toffee coated and cinema sweet flavours, the biggest flavour segment. Our first-to-the-market limited edition offers a fantastic opportunity for retailers to drive sales as we head into a time of year when there is strong customer demand for sweet, novelty and seasonal products.”

The popcorn market is currently worth £116.2m and is growing 25.7 per cent year on year. It is expected to be worth £207m by 2017*.

The new Butterkist Limited Edition Hot Cross Bun flavour popcorn will be available in Aldi, Tesco and discounters from 15 February 2016.

For stockist details or enquiries call 01977 692500. More information on Butterkist, please visit www.butterkist.co.uk or visit the Butterkist Facebook and Twitter pages.


*Nielsen Data to 5th December 2015

**Fresh Insights, September 2015