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Candidates Prepare For Last Task To Win Key Role

Monday, 13 October 2008

The eight finalists, who are battling it out to land a top job with multi-million pound company Fake Bake in the online reality TV show The Hirer, are facing their last task to win the coveted position.

Thousands of people applied to take part in The Hirer, a project where eight successful candidates work together and receive expert guidance, training and mentoring over a number of weeks until the overall winner is selected. The winner will secure a key position with Fake Bake, along with a competitive five-figure salary and comprehensive benefits package.

The footage that has been created for the online TV project has given web-viewers a chance to see how the candidates have coped with their business tasks at Fake Bake, and those who may be ahead of the competition. Latest figures show that more than 11,000 web viewers have watched The Hirer TV series online.

Greta Hill-Lyons, employment guru and creator of The Hirer concept, said: “The girls have undertaken two tasks which have given us a good insight into their business acumen, competitive edge and capability to fit well into the overall organisation.

“I'm delighted with what the girls have achieved so far but there are those who have been in the winning groups in both tasks which I'm sure will be making others a little nervous ahead of the last and final task.”

Task one involved the eight finalists being split into two groups of four with the main aim to find a successful pitch location to sell and raise awareness of Fake Bake. Task two involved a similar group structure, but with the overall objective to create a unique viral marketing campaign.

Over the next few weeks, the girls will be given the third and final task of having to prepare a business proposal and marketing campaign to launch the new product Fake Bake at Home. This task will involve the finalists taking a trip to Manchester where they will have to present their case to potential buyers.

All the tasks will help identify who's got what it takes to work with one of the most successful businesswomen in Scotland, Sandra McClumpha.

Sandra McClumpha, CEO of Fake Bake commented: “I have selected tasks that are linked to what we do here at Fake Bake every day. I'm keen to give the girls as much real-life business experience as possible.

“I've already seen some fantastic results from the girls and have enjoyed watching them grow and become increasingly hungry for success. The last task will undoubtedly show who has been able to take on the training and coaching received over the past few weeks and use it to their advantage. I can’t wait to see what gems they come up with. “

Three out of the eight finalists who have been on the winning teams in both tasks include Charlene Clifford (23) from Glasgow, Laura Hogg (25) from Bishopbriggs and Sarah Hay-Shea (35) from Fife.

Throughout the show, candidates stay at Airth Castle Spa & Resort and are chauffeur driven to and from Fake Bake’s premises near Glasgow and from task to task. They are also equipped with the latest technological gadgetry to maximise their performances.

You can view how the candidates are coping with their task at www.thehirer.tv or to find out more visit www.thehirer.co.uk

The overall winner of The Hirer will be unveiled on Friday 31st October.



The eight finalists:

Sarah Hay-Shea, 35, is originally from Surrey but now lives in Fife with her husband. Sarah is a business studies graduate and has worked in the advertising industry in London for many years.

Charlene Clifford, 23, is a marketing and business law graduate from Glasgow. Following travelling America for a couple of years Charlene has now set her sights on the future and sees The Hirer as a perfect opportunity for a long prosperous career.

Emma Tilley, 31, is a research scientist from Glasgow. Emma has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and is now studying for an MBA at the Strathclyde Graduate Business School.

Laura Hogg, 25 from Bishopbriggs, is an IT graduate and single mum. After travelling through the States and taking part in the Camp America program Laura decided IT was not the career for her and embarked on a sales career, winning awards for her work along the way.

Courtnay Baird, 21, from Edinburgh, is a journalism student and also works 16 hours a week to fund her shopping habit. This will be the first time Courtnay has lived away from home but she is really looking forward to the challenge.

Rhiannon McQuade, 22, from Stirling, left school to train as a chef, however soon realised this wasn’t the career path for her and began to build up her sales experience. Rhiannon now has media sales experience under her belt and works for Central FM.

Catherine Craig, 23, from Glasgow, works in sales for BT as an account manager and also dabbles in the property market, letting out three properties. Catherine is showing true entrepreneurial flair for her young years.

Victoria Gibbs, 24, is originally from Rothesay but moved to Glasgow when she finished school. Victoria was keen to find the perfect job and work her way up the career ladder. This is something she done at a fast pace when she began working at the Royal Bank of Scotland, putting herself forward for as many leadership and managerial courses as possible. By only 23 Victoria was a bank manager, quite an achievement considering her age.