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Cardonald Students Score With Citizenship Course

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Thirty six students on the HNC Early Education course from Cardonald College Glasgow scored success with the Give A Kid A Goal initiative by completing a global citizenship course run by Glasgow The Caring City.

The students received gold medals and certificates from Cardonald College Glasgow principal, Susan Walsh.

The citizenship course which teaches international aid and development work skills - offers students an insight into the plight of others around the world - as well as targeting what they could do to make the world a better place.

Christine McCrossan, Senior Lecturer in Early Education for Cardonald College Glasgow, said: "The Glasgow The Caring City 'citizenship' course teaches skills which are invaluable to the students on the HNC Early Education course - all of whom are going on the work with children in the community, whether it be in a nursery school in the UK or abroad or onto further education to enable them to work as primary school teachers.

"The course teaches international aid and development work skills. It throws up international dilemmas that the students have to think through logically and problem solve.

"Essentially, it teaches individuals to think out of the box when approached with situations they haven't experienced before and to work as a team. It teaches them to respect their peers, how to deal with peer group pressures, inclusion and to take a humanitarian overview. It also opened our students' eyes to jobs that they could do with their qualification that they may not have considered before.

"In their day-to-day lives, the course will have proven beneficial in teaching the students how to make children in their care to feel accepted within their community.

"It really is a fantastic course and we are now aiming to roll the course out faculty-wide across healthcare, social care and our sports department."

Natalie Wyper, 22, from Pollok is just one of the HNC Early Year's students who completed the citizenship course. She said: "I loved the citizenship course. I loved the problem solving situations that it threw up, for example, how to deliver food to countries in crisis that wouldn't allow foreign aircraft into its airspace and the many different ways to spend £1m on relief aid offering short and longer term solutions, how it's important to be able to have trust in your peers and to work as a team.

"The course was a real eye opener and gave me lots of food for thought about where I could take my HNC Early Education skills to develop my career. My aim now is to find full-time work with a nursery, but myself and a few others students have considered doing a further three week course with the charity, Glasgow the Caring City in Africa, as a result of the citizenship course to further develop our skills."

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