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Cornwalls Finest Dish With Twist Receives Full Marks

Monday, 12 July 2010


A CALLINGTON pensioner who was unable to eat Cornish pasties for health reasons can now enjoy his favourite dish once again.


A sudden heart attack four years ago led to Alex Johns developing coeliac disease, putting a stop to his love of the Cornwall classic.


But a surprise package from the market-leading gluten and wheat free brand, Dietary Specials (DS Gluten Free) has changed all that.


Left with no energy and only able to walk a few metres, the 75-year old granddad found it difficult to recover despite receiving a full bill of health from doctors.


Mr.Johns said: "The doctors at the hospital couldn't understand what was wrong with me at first but after tests they found the heart attack had brought on severe anaemia which was caused by coeliac disease.


"Three years ago I could have eaten anything. My favourite food was a traditional Cornish pasty and I also loved a good Sunday roast with all the trimmings. But since my diagnosis I've not been able to eat either."


A retired mechanic, Mr.Johns learnt to cook when he became the primary carer for his wife of 43 years, who had severe Parkinson's Disease.


"I do like to cook, especially fresh bread, but it is hard work to make everything from scratch. At first, I found it difficult to find good free-from food but dietary specials has been a blessing. The Cornish Slices are delicious and I can't wait to try the Yorkshire Puddings!"


More than half a million people in the UK live with the almost unknown condition* which affects the immune system and is triggered by eating gluten.


Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley and means that food such as Cornish pasties are off the menu. For people with the disease, eating gluten could damage the lining of the gut, prevent normal digestion and the absorption of food.


The disease can also cause osteoporosis, bowel cancer and increased risk of other auto-immune diseases.


DS Gluten Free, and its sister brand TRUfree, are the market leaders in gluten- and wheat-free food for those with coeliac disease, gluten and wheat allergies and people who choose to avoid those ingredients as a lifestyle choice.


Emma Herring, Product Development Manager for DS Gluten Free and TRUfree, said: "We are committed to improving food taste, quality and choice for people with coeliac disease, gluten and wheat intolerances, and those who choose to avoid those ingredients as part of a healthy lifestyle choice.


"There are so many people like Mr.Johns who has had to cut out gluten and wheat in their diets, but with our extensive range of free from foods including bread, pasta, biscuits and pizza's they are now able to enjoy their food without sacrificing their health".


The brands DS Gluten Free and TRUfree, are owned by Nutrition Point and are available in all major retailers across the UK.


For more information about the DS Gluten Free range of gluten and wheat free products visit http://www.dietaryspecials.co.uk/




*In a survey conducted by DS Gluten Free in May 2010, nine out of ten people did not know what gluten was despite half a million people could be living with coeliac disease undiagnosed.


Notes to editors:

  • Nutrition Point is a UK company which was established in 1998 by entrepreneur Chris Hook, who was frustrated at the lack of food choices available for his wife and son who both suffer from wheat intolerance
  • Nutrition Point was established to distribute and market gluten and wheat products and remains committed to making gluten and wheat free food as convenient and tasty as mainstream foods
  • Their Dietary Specials brand (DS Gluten Free) is brand leader in the sector
  • Since 1998 the team has been working closely with the loyal ds customer base to develop a superb product range including ambient, chilled and frozen foods
  • ds products cater for those with Coeliac Disease, and wheat or gluten allergies or intolerances, and are also suitable for those who choose a wheat or gluten free diet for lifestyle reasons
  • In 2002, Nutrition Point became part of the Dr Schär group which has been established for over 25 years and is the European market leader in gluten and wheat freefoods
  • In 2006, Dr Schär further strengthened their consumer offering across Europe by acquiring the whole free from business unit from Numico. This acquisition meant that Nutrition Point became responsible for the distribution and marketing of the Glutafin brand in healthcare and Trufree brand in retail throughout the UK and Ireland