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Driving Training Forward

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cardonald College Glasgow will launch a Continuing Professional Development course for approved driving instructors (ADIs) in February - the first of its kind in Scotland.

In partnership with The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain (MSA) and the Driving Instructor Scottish Council (DISC) , Cardonald will deliver the training, which can be taken as a one or two-day workshop, within its Business Centre on 10th and 11th February.

The unique courses are specifically tailored to help driving instructors develop their skills, methods and overall business performance with modules covering areas such as communication skills, health and safety, record keeping, and sales and marketing. The training also includes prescriptive elements which will aid in their day-to-day job as a driving instructor.

The innovative course was trialled as a pilot scheme in November and December last year and proved so popular with its 84 attendees that it is now being rolled out in February, with a further course planned for March.

Peter Harvey, National Chairman of The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain, said: "Driving instructors have a real opportunity to up their game with this course - and in the current economic climate, it is important that instructors maximise their potential.

"This course is particularly useful as it targets people who are normally hard to reach - driving instructors are mainly self employed, they work alone and don't often get the opportunity to communicate with their peers, so this is a fantastic prospect. Completion of the course also shows existing and potential driving students that instructors have gone the extra mile to develop their skills."

GoSkills, the Sector Skills Council for the passenger transport sector, worked in partnership with MSA, DISC and Cardonald College Glasgow in the pilot for the programme.

Richard Wheater, National Manager at GoSkills, said: "This course is of real benefit to driving instructors - whether they are just starting out or have been in the profession for decades.

"It can show instructors new ways of doing things and how they can build on skills they already use. It can even remind them about methods and practices they might have forgotten or let fall by the wayside over time. This a great chance for instructors to develop professional skills that could improve their job satisfaction and their business."

Instructors who complete the course will receive a certificate detailing their achievements which is recognised by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). The courses are available to many through an ILA grant, and cost £50 for one day (five hours) and £100 for two days (10 hours).

Fiona Macleod, the course tutor, said: "The teaching on the course is very inclusive - we focus on group learning, team work, and practical tasks. This workshop-style learning is appealing to instructors who perhaps haven't been in a classroom or studied for years - it makes things far less daunting."

Course organisers are keen to develop further follow-up CPD courses for driving instructors and are also looking into the possibility of placing  the course on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.

For more information on the CPD for driving instructors, contact Samantha Smith on 0141 272 3303 or sjsmith@cardonald.ac.uk.

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