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Entrepreneus Unite For Ground-Breaking Marketing Tool

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A ground-breaking hyper local marketing tool is being developed by a Scots engineering entrepreneur under the mentorship of a hugely experienced hi-tech investment company.

The innovative web project – entitled forWhereiAm – is the brainchild of Edinburgh-based computing and electronics engineer Dr Nazish Aslam.

It is being backed by tech start-up backer Peerless Investments Ltd with successful Scots entrepreneur Athif Sarwar as its chairman.

Peerless Investments Board also benefits from the know-how of online Dragons’ Den member Shaf Rasul, and Andrew Gordon of Digital Audio Distribution.

The Peerless team were left massively impressed by Dr Aslam’s plans and agreed to invest considerable resources in the project, which they are now looking forward to seeing take off and grow with the help of their diverse talents.

forWhereiAm harnesses a real time message broadcast network that connects organisations directly to consumers with accurate, location-focused information.

Its enabling technology for web applications has been specifically designed to ensure that only information of relevance reaches users, based on where they are, down to the exact postcode.

forWhereiAm effectively becomes a personalised, multi-channel one-stop-shop for local deals and information that are specifically relevant to the user.

Likewise, for businesses and brands, it becomes a platform helping them to engage and interact with customers through targeted and personalised messages that will drive sales, increase footfall and build loyalty.

It is an entirely unique proposition, offering wholly different marketing opportunities to the existing signal box technology currently being employed by many retailers.

Founder and Director of forWhereiAm Ltd, Dr Aslam said: “Often you don't know what you are searching for in the local area but would appreciate knowing about, say, any particularly great offers or transport service disruptions.

“There’s so much information noise out there – sometimes you just want to cut that out and source the filtered, localised information that you really need, by getting it sent straight to you.

“With forWhereiAm, you can now see all of the announcements or offers that are of relevance to you on your own doorstep. It brings the best parts of the high street directly to you and places it in the palm of your hand, encouraging local business and greater footfall.”

However, Athif Sarwar believes that forWhereiAm has potentially huge applications across the public sector too.

He believes Dr Aslam has shown an incredible level of entrepreneurial flair in developing the project from inception before targeting the hyper local market.

Mr Sarwar – whose entrepreneurial flair has seen his businesses record major operational successes – said: “I have been absolutely blown away by Nazish’s level of ingenuity in developing and patenting this incredible technology which, among its many potential applications, could radically change retail behaviours.

“We’re very excited to be part of it, and will now help to fully realise the project by giving Nazish the full depth of our extensive experience.”

Shaf Rasul – a successful e-commerce businessman and panel member on the online version of Dragons’ Den – said: “Nazish is an extremely talented individual and the Peerless team are delighted to have teamed up with her in the joint hope of realising her ambitions.”

Respected digital technology specialist, Mr Gordon added: “We think that forWhereiAm has so many possibilities and, alongside Nazish, we can’t wait to see those develop in the future across a focused worldwide marketing push.

“This technology’s breadth and scope for both commercial and government applications is tremendously exciting. Indeed, we believe forWhereiAm could be the missing link that bridges the gap between current ecommerce and high street retailing challenges.

“Peerless Investments is now on the lookout for other hi-tech opportunities, and we believe that our specialised investment framework will help facilitate this.”

New forWhereiAm users are invited to sign up at https://forwhereiam.com/signup and perform a search as they normally would using the search bar on the homepage.

They are invited to click on the 'Email me new results' link shown in the results page and thereafter whenever a new announcement is made which matches the search criteria, users will be sent an instant email notification.