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Eye Examinations Help Struggling Children

Friday, 16 January 2009

MORE than 500,000 people in Scotland have dyslexia yet a simple eye examination could help struggling children.

Graham Stringer, MP for Manchester Blackley yesterday sparked debate when he claimed that dyslexia is a myth invented to cover up bad teaching of reading and writing.

Peter Carson, regional chair of Specsavers in Scotland says; 'Many people complain of visual stress, which is a feeling of eye strain when reading or writing. Occasionally, people find that the letters start to jump around on the page when reading. This is closely linked to the condition dyslexia. Children who suffer from this condition therefore tend to avoid reading and as a result their education can suffer.'

Specsavers stores throughout Scotland offer a specialised testing service, using an intuitive colorimeter. Research shows that visual stress from reading can be reduced by using colour filters in prescription lenses.  The filters are either placed directly over the page, also known as coloured overlays or they are worn in spectacles as precision tints.

Peter continues: 'We need to highlight that this is a real condition and encourage more children and also adults to have eye examinations on a regular basis. The intuitive screener allows us to select a precise filter specific to the individual that will enhance performance and learning at school. Visual stress is a condition which is easy to treat yet many are unaware of its condition and its symptoms.'

Classic symptoms of visual stress are:

  • Words move around on the page
  • Headaches caused by reading
  • Words appear blurry
  • Page is too bright and words cannot be seen properly
  • Eyes hurt during or after reading


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