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Five New Bundles Joy Opticians Baby Boom

Thursday, 18 June 2009

A local opticians has experienced a baby boom among its 12-strong team, with five babies being born in the past year.

The staff at Specsavers in Cleethorpes are all great friends and have been swapping baby advice and tips ever since the first new arrival, Libby, was born in May 2008.

Libby's mum Mhairi has worked as an optical assistant at the store for four years, having transferred from the Grimsby Specsavers store. The next baby to be born, and the only boy amongst the brood, was Thomas who arrived in July 2008. His mum Katie is also an optical assistant. Little Emma, whose mum Jenny works as a dispensing optician was the first baby to be born this year in January.

Baby Amrit then came along in April, making Jas, an optometrist a very proud dad. The most recent arrival in the baby boom was Gracie, who was born in March to mum Anna, who is an optical assistant.

Gill Williams, Cleethorpes Specsavers store director, said: 'We're beginning to think there is something in our water!

'We're a close bunch in the Cleethorpes store and have become a bit of a new parenting guru group with conversations in the staff room dominated by all things baby. It's brought such a lovely atmosphere into the store and all new mums and dads are first time parents so they've all rallied round to support each other. And who knows we could have our future staff already in the making!'

It would also seem that the bundles of joy have brought luck to the Cleethorpes store, as last week was a record week in terms of sales since the store first opened seven years ago.




Specsavers notes to editors     

Specsavers was founded by Doug and Dame Mary Perkins in 1984 and is now the largest privately owned opticians in the world

  • The couple still run the company, along with their three children. Their eldest son John is joint managing director
  • Specsavers has more than 1,340 stores throughout the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain and Australia
  • Annual turnover for the Specsavers Group is forecast to reach a record £1.4 billion in 2009
  • The group plans to continue its successful international expansion by opening stores in New Zealand
  • Specsavers optical stores and hearing centres are owned and run by joint venture or franchise partners.
  • Specsavers employs more than 26,000 staff
  • Specsavers was voted Britain's most trusted brand of opticians for the eighth year running by Reader's Digest in 2009
  • Greater than one in three people who wear glasses in the UK buy them from Specsavers * - nine and a half million glasses were exported from the warehouse to stores in 2008
  • Specsavers is the largest retail provider of home delivery contact lenses in Europe and one of the top two retail suppliers of continuous wear lenses in the world
  • Specsavers is now the largest retail dispenser of digital hearing aids in the UK and offer a hearing service from more than 400 locations.
  • Specsavers supports numerous optical and hearing charities, including Diabetes UK, for whom they have raised more than £250,000 to fund research into diabetic retinopathy
  • Since 2003 more than a quarter of a million glasses have been collected and recycled by Specsavers stores for Vision Aid Overseas for use in developing countries
  • Kidscape is the first national charity dedicated to preventing bullying and child abuse and is committed to keeping children safe from harm. In the last year alone, more than two million children and parents contacted Kidscape about bullying and child safety - many of those children have been suicidal.

*GfK Home Audit (Dec 2008)