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Ghostbusters Top For Geeks

Monday, 03 August 2009

Ghostbusters has been voted the top geek movie of all time.

The science-fiction comedy film - which is set in New York and stars Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver - was voted tops by readers of online magazine geeks.co.uk.

The film - which was released in 1984 - was a huge box office smash and generated cult status through a hit theme tune and the geeky misfit main characters. A sequel Ghostbusters II, two animated television shows, a comic series and video games followed to ensure that the film continues to have a lasting appeal.
Other films to feature on the top ten poll included Terminator II Judgement Day, The Matrix Trilogy, Spiderman, Star Wars and Sin City.

Geeks.co.uk editor Ally Millar said: "Ghostbusters is the classic geek pin-up movie and still retains cult status 25 years after the original release.

"It is clever, innovative, funny and wacky. Add a love interest, great special effects and an outstanding theme tune and you have all the ingredients to make it a firm favourite with geeky film fans."

He added: "This movie is widely regarded as the most successful comedy of the 80s and has enjoyed more success recently after the release of a new video game across most game platforms.

"There was huge debate on our forums and we have some great iconic movies in our top ten but Ghostbusters had that little extra geeky charm to take top spot."

Geeks.co.uk was launched in July and has the backing of Scots Dragon Shaf Rasul. The site covers news articles, irreverent and intelligent features, independent artwork and reviews on the latest gadgets, phones, MP3s, computers and games consoles. The site is also a forum for readers to offer their views on the latest gadgets and gamer products coming to market.

Rasul - who features in an online version of the BBC's Dragons Den alongside American Julie Meyer - believes the online magazine will become the most popular gadget site in the UK.

"It's pretty much geek gold," he said.

"The objective has been to establish a magazine that allows every day gamers and users of gadgets to interact with each other to create fun debate on the gadgets and technology we use every day.

"The site also has latest product news, surveys, fun-filled features and interviews with geek pin-ups as well as regular competitions to win the latest hi-tech products on the market."

The top ten list:
2.Terminator II Judgement Day
4. The Matrix Trilogy
5. Spiderman
6. Akira
7. Logan's Run
8. Star Wars
9. Sin City
10. Cube


Notes to editors

IT and property entrepreneur Shaf Rasul, www.shafrasul.com, is one of Scotland's most successful businessmen.

He now features in an online version of the BBC's Dragons Den alongside American Julie Meyer and host Dominic Byrne of the Chris Moyles Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Edinburgh-based Rasul has an estimated wealth of £48million, according to the recent Sunday Times Rich list.

His core business interests include optical-media distribution business E-Net Computers which he established in 2000. It is now the largest storage media distributor in Europe and one of the biggest buyers of optical storage products in the world.

As well as expanding E-Net Computers, Rasul has developed a venture capital investment portfolio, worth in the region of £30million, which focuses on property, asset management and internet technology.

Rasul also has an arm dedicated to management buy-ins and buyouts, providing teams with the funding, buying power and exposure to the supply and distribution networks required to expand their business.