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Giant Jenga Stops Commuters Their Tracks

Monday, 07 November 2011

A giant Jenga game stopped communters in their tracks today (November 7) and put tree burning under the spotlight.

Commuters at London's Victoria railway station were challenged to take on the giant oversized game or try their hand at one of the smaller versions also on hand.

The towering eight foot structure was erected on the station floor to draw attention to the Stop Burning Our Trees campaign, which believes it's wrong to subsidise energy companies to chop down UK trees and burn them in power stations.

In support of the campaign, trees and wooden structures across the capital were targeted by campaigners who added 'tree tags' to highlighting the importance of using trees for more than just fuel.

The campaign will move focus around the Capital as the week goes on, with celebrities and local politicians also getting involved to support the cause, before the culminating in a major event at Westminster on November 22.

Burning wood releases all of its stored carbon in one go and prevents it being made into useful things like tables, wardrobes, flooring - or toys. Wood products like these 'lock-in' carbon, often for decades.

The Stop Burning Our Trees campaign agrees that burning wood is greener than burning coal in the long term but believes power stations should only burn wood that has no other use and would otherwise go to landfill, rather than trees straight from our forests.

Right now, the government actually subsidises the burning of trees for power generation and consumers all pay for this via their electricity bills.

It's time to think again and stop burning our trees! Sign the petition at www.stopburningourtrees.org.


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Issued by Beattie Communications (www.beattiegroup.com) on behalf of Stop Burning Our Trees.