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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A UK hotel group traditionally known for its warmer welcome policy has pledged to keep customers cool during the upcoming heatwave – with free iced coffee when temperatures tip over 20˚C.

Five of Apex’s hotels will offer locals and guests in London and Bath a refreshing ILLY Crema Caffé to keep cool if the mercury hits 22˚C – the number of years the company has been in operation.

As Scotland tends to be a little cooler than its neighbour, people in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh can enjoy a cooling, revitalising treat when the temperature reaches 18˚C.

The headline-making heatwave, which will reportedly see the mercury push above 20˚C in many parts of the UK, is set to see temperatures begin to soar as the week continues.

Angela Vickers, CEO of Apex Hotels which operates a portfolio of 10 hotels across the UK, says: “After what feels like a very long winter, we’re delighted to hear that spring is definitely on its way in the shape of a mini-heatwave.

“While we all love to bask in the warm weather, we Brits are known for complaining of being ‘too hot’ when the temperature rises – so we’re hoping to combat that with free iced coffee for guests, and locals who pop into five of our UK hotels, when the weather gets a little too hot to handle. Our guests have come to know us for our warmer welcome but in some cases only a cold treat will do so whilst the heatwave continues we are very happy to oblige.”

Anyone who pops into, or is staying at, Apex City of London, Apex City of Bath, Apex Grassmarket, Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa or Apex City of Glasgow when the mercury hits the right temperature will be entitled to a free ILLY Crema Caffé from any of the hotels’ bars.

For more information on the Apex Hotels Warmer Welcome, visit www.apexhotels.co.uk/warmerwelcome