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Huddersfield Phil Harmonises Orchestra

Friday, 03 June 2011

AN AUDIOLOGIST has fine-tuned the ears of the Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra ensuring they are in perfect pitch for upcoming concerts.

Hearing aid audiologist, Phil Spenceley, of Huddersfield Specsavers, visited the musicians while they were rehearsing for their upcoming Movie Music Spectacular at the Town Hall. 

Paul Michelson, a cellist for the orchestra, has had a specific music programme hearing aid fitted since being diagnosed with hearing loss to ensure he never misses a beat and is in tune with his fellow performers.

Mr Spenceley explains: 'Ordinarily hearing aids are programmed to recognise music as background noise and to tune it out so that the brain can concentrate on the most important sounds. However with the specific music programmes, it is designed to allow the ear to hear the music being played.

'To play music and not hear it properly would be hugely frustrating and would no doubt hinder the performer. However, it is remarkably simple to remedy and now Mr Michelson is able to play, safe in the knowledge that he can hear his cello and the rest of the orchestra exactly as he should be able to.'

Orchestra leader, Mary Barber says: 'We are so grateful to Mr Spenceley for the time that he has put into ensuring our performers can play to the best of their ability, providing harmony for everyone in the orchestra.'

The Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra's next performance will be on Sunday 5 June 2011 at the Huddersfield Town Hall from 3.00pm including familiar melodies from films such as My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music and Star Wars to name but a few. You can book tickets online at www.huddersfield-phil.org.uk or call 01484 223200.

To book a free hearing test contact Specsavers on 01484 544566


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Raised more than £300,000 in 2009 to fund a dedicated eyecare clinic and teaching facility in Zambia, supported by Vision Aid Overseas. Stores will raise an additional £300,000 to continue the project.