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Huggies Re-Launches Premium Nappy Range

Friday, 18 March 2011

Huggies® has re-launched its Natural Fit nappies, the only nappy with organic cotton and Vitamin E[1].

New & improved Huggies® Natural Fit nappies provide great comfort and care for your baby's delicate skin, while the integrated waistband and stretchy ears give a great fit for superb dryness and a super comfy 'no-nappy' feeling.

The super breathable outer cover allows your baby's skin to be kept fresh and dry to help prevent the causes of nappy rash. Plus, the Disney© graphics make changing time more fun!

Brand manager Jennifer Beral said: 'To let mums and little ones experience the cuddle soft comfort and care of Huggies® Natural Fit nappies, we're currently touring the country with our Cuddle Up campaign.

'Alongside a dedicated website (http://www.cuddle-up.co.uk/) and sampling activities we will be staging a series of augmented reality experiences from our Cuddle Up booth. The booth transports mum and baby into a virtual Huggies® Cuddle Up world and there are some great prizes up for grabs.

'The first event was a huge success and we hope that parents will come and try it out for themselves over the coming months. To find an event near you or for a free sample visit www.cuddle-up.co.uk.'



Notes to editors:

HUGGIES® Natural Fit nappies are available in sizes 3, 4 and 5. They come in 2 pack sizes, convenience & economy packs.  With a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of £9.98, the convenience packs contain the following numbers of nappies: Size 3 - 32 nappies, size 4, 26 nappies, size 5, 24 nappies per pack. With a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of £9.48, the economy packs contain the following numbers of nappies: Size 3 - 56 nappies, size 4, 48 nappies and size 5, 40 nappies per pack.  Parents can also stock up with a Big Pack, with an RRP of £11.98 containing contain the following numbers of nappies: Size 3 - 78 nappies, size 4 - 64 nappies, size 5 - 58 nappies per box.




[1] Organic cotton is contained within the outer cover and vitamin E is contained in the baby side liner of Huggies® Natural Fit nappies