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Kelvin Hughes Develops Portable Anti-Jamming Radar

Friday, 16 September 2011

Kelvin Hughes has developed an innovative low power portable anti-jamming radar.

The BOXERTM products utilise Kelvin Hughes SharpEyeTM radar technology, and have been designed to meet the surveillance demands of a range of clients from military and para-military to law enforcement and private security agencies.

The technology is optimised for battlefield operations, providing infantry with a means to establish tactical situational awareness in theatre.

Consisting of a Man-Portable System (MPS), BOXERTM can be deployed by two people or mounted on a vehicle or trailer. A static mounted option is available for permanent installations.

All three options provide a unique anti-jamming capability, a first in its class, and a Fully Coherent Solid State I (X) band Doppler ground surveillance radar.

The all-weather, harsh terrain units are low-power and can be set up to offer 120 degree sweeps through a new electronically steered phased antenna array or rotated to give 360 degree coverage.

To address surveillance requirements for forward operating bases and encampments, a network of vehicle-mounted BOXERTM sensors can be assembled as part of a perimeter surveillance and protection system.

In both portable and fixed conditions the BOXERTM system can detect very small targets in heavy clutter and deliver situational intelligence in inclement weather, day or night and in challenging terrain.

Barry Wade, managing director Kelvin Hughes Surveillance Systems, said: "We are setting new benchmarks in situational intelligence whilst meeting an industry desire for high performance, cost effective surveillance solutions.

"Kelvin Hughes has addressed the deficiencies from other supplier offerings. By using I (X) band SharpEyeTM solid state technology, opportunities such as anti-jamming, extended range and high resolution signal processing are now possible.

"SharpEyeTM transmission sequences use three different pulse lengths that can be programmed or manually alternated. Frequency diversity options allow transmissions to be hopped allowing Boxer to ensure true anti-jamming capability.

"We are receiving strong international interest from government agencies and commissions for border and flashpoint response applications as well as force protection."




Notes to Editors


Kelvin Hughes is a global provider of marine equipment, navigational solutions and surface surveillance radar systems.

Key products include SharpEyeTM solid state radar sensors, low profile antennas, display and tracker technology, voyage data recorders, electronic chart displays and integrated bridge systems.

Kelvin Hughes' surveillance business provides coherent SharpEyeTM and non-coherent radar technologies capable of detecting the smallest of targets and lowest velocities in clutter, meeting the surveillance, safety, and security needs of 30 of the world's navies as well as coastal and border operators, and security patrols.

A commitment to innovation and radar solution provision is enabling current and new users greater and increasing capability through the application of surveillance radar technologies both at sea and on land.



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