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Landlords Leaving Occupiers Dark Sustainability Issues

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The recent Occupier Satisfaction Survey* by leading UK property consultant GVA Grimley showed that 89% of occupiers are dissatisfied with their landlords' interaction with them on sustainability issues.

Over 40% of occupiers said their landlords hadn't contacted them over the last year about the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. However, this latest research by GVA Grimley says it will only take some simple initiatives from landlords to address this.

Jon Anderson, director of GVA Grimley's Building Consultancy team at GVA Grimley said of the Survey's findings: "In 12 months, landlords' interactions with occupiers on environmental issues seem to have remained unchanged. But concern among occupiers about such issues is up by nearly half - with particular concern coming from the office sector. In fact, an impressive three quarters of all occupiers surveyed said that environmental and sustainability issues are important to their business.

"There could be many reasons for greater occupier concern, from higher fuel costs to corporate social responsibility, greater media focus on sustainability, and tighter regulation. What's clear is that occupiers feel that landlords could be doing more. The good news for landlords is that there are easy ways for them to change existing perceptions and be seen to be doing more."

GVA Grimley's 'Occupiers and Landlords: The Sustainability Gap' - its take on the Survey's findings - is out this week and makes key suggestions to help landlords increase occupier satisfaction, such as:

  • o implementing green leases: including a performance agreement about the building is to be improved, managed and occupied in a sustainable way
  • o creating a memorandum of understanding (MoU) where both parties agree to work together to improve the building's environmental performance
  • o regularly reporting on energy use and setting targets
  • o setting up building management committees to discuss/facilitate environmental performance measures.

'Occupiers and Landlords: The Sustainability Gap' is available from GVA Grimley. Please contact Lara Conaway for further details on lara.conaway@gvagrimley.co.uk

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*Conducted in June 2010 by the Property Industry Alliance and CoreNet

Issued on behalf of GVA Grimley by Beattie Communications.