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Linkedin – The Most Powerful Social Network For Law & Accountancy Firms

Monday, 11 February 2013

Marketing specialist Gordon Beattie today claimed Linkedin is a much more powerful marketing platform for corporate lawyers and accountants than Facebook or Twitter.

He said every corporate law and accountancy firm in Britainshould have a Linkedin marketing strategy for winning new clients instead of “wasting time” on other social platforms.

Beattie is the founder of PR and marketing consultancy Beattie Communications and the man behind the Only Linkedin Marketing website.

He said: “For accountancy and business law firms, Linkedin should be a major generator of new business. It is three times more effective at driving corporate sales leads than either Facebook or Twitter. 

“Linkedin is the number one social platform for reaching business professionals. It stands head and shoulders above Facebook or Twitter because it is populated by corporate professionals, 93% of whom are college graduates.

“Linkedin enables professional services firms to form relationships with senior executives of every company they have on their client wish list. 

“Used effectively, it has the potential to become their number one source of new business leads. 

“The sad fact, however, is that only a few corporate law and accountancy firms have woken up to the amazing commercial potential of Linkedin as a new business driver and they continue to waste time and money promoting their brands on Facebook or Twitter.”

Beattie emphasises that professional services firms should have powerful personal profiles for each of their senior people as well as impressive corporate pages to disseminate news and information. 

He said they should be linking up with dream clients and communicating with them regularly so they stay front of mind when these companies are looking for legal or accountancy services.

Beattie added: “Professional services firms should also be using Linkedin to keep tabs on rival firms. Linkedin will enable them to keep abreast of their rivals’ news and in many cases identify new clients they are pursuing. By reaching out to the same companies, they could end up winning the business.”

Beattie has produced a free guide to help professional services firms win business on Linkedin. For a copy email Beattie direct (gordon.beattie@onlybeattie.com).

Beattie Communications provides law and accountancy firms with bespoke Linkedin marketing strategies, profile creation, contact development and PR services.



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