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Lloydspharmacy Partnership Opens Up New Market For Nutrition Point

Wednesday, 04 August 2010

Nutrition Point, the UK's leading supplier of gluten and wheat free foods has today announced a partnership with Lloydspharmacy, which will see many of its Dietary Specials (DS gluten free) and TRUfree products available in its online store.


Traditionally coeliacs and other people who cannot eat foods containing gluten or wheat have received their staple food products on prescription and have then travelled to the supermarket to purchase extras or 'top up' shop. However, this new initiative means customers will also be able to order other products, not available on prescription, for delivery direct to their front door.


Emma Herring, Retail Brand Manager from Nutrition Point, said:  "Coeliac disease is a condition which can only be controlled by following a gluten and wheat free diet and we're hoping this new partnership will really make things easier for coeliacs and other people who enjoy our DS gluten free and TRUfree products.


"We're helping Lloydspharmacy create a valuable one stop shop for customers, and hopefully people will enjoy the convenience of being able to order their prescription and additional products online, in one place.


"We're keen to add more products to the available range and to develop a long-term relationship with Lloydspharmacy."


"More than 45 per cent of people in the UK have a food allergy or intolerance and an estimated one in 100 have coeliac disease.  Lloydspharmacy already serve many coeliacs who receive their prescription foods and we're pleased to be able to improve the choice available to those customers."


Lloydspharmacy will be stocking Nutrition Point's TRUfree Bourbons, Choc Dippers, Chocolate Fingers, Custard Creams, Rich Tea Biscuits, Herb and Onion Crackers, High Fibre Crackers and Pretzels and DS gluten free Rice Cakes, Chocolate and Orange Crispy Bars, Chocolate, Apricot and Raisin Crispy Bars, Cornflakes and Sweet Breakfast Rolls.


The range will be launched on http://www.lloydspharmacy.co.uk/ with an Introductory Offer of Save 25% on all products (promotion available 28 July - 24th August) and an online promotional campaign including Google Adwords, e-marketing, e-newsletters, Facebook and Twitter.


For more information on DS gluten free or TRUfree products please visit http://www.dietaryspecials.co.uk/ or http://www.trufree.co.uk/





Notes to editors:

  • Nutrition Point is a UK company which was established in 1998 by entrepreneur Chris Hook, who was frustrated at the lack of food choices available for his wife and son who both suffer from wheat intolerance
  • Nutrition Point was established to distribute and market gluten and wheat free products and remains committed to making gluten and wheat free food as convenient and tasty as mainstream foods
  • Their Dietary Specials brand (DS gluten free) is brand leader in the sector
  • Since 1998 the team has been working closely with the loyal DS gluten free customer base to develop a superb product range including ambient, chilled and frozen foods
  • ds products cater for those with Coeliac Disease, and wheat or gluten allergies or intolerances, and are also suitable for those who choose a wheat or gluten free diet for lifestyle reasons
  • In 2002, Nutrition Point became part of the Dr Schär group which has been established for over 25 years and is the European market leader in gluten and wheat freefoods
  • In 2006, Dr Schär further strengthened their consumer offering across Europe by acquiring the whole free from business unit from Numico. This acquisition meant that Nutrition Point became responsible for the distribution and marketing of the Glutafin brand in healthcare and Trufree brand in retail throughout the UK and Ireland