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Malaga Is Boss Says Liverpool

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Liverpudlian celebrities and residents are joining forces with easyJet to launch a campaign to twin the city with its favourite summer holiday destination, Malaga in Spain.

After ten years of flying between the two destinations, easyJet is now spearheading a campaign for Liverpool to be the first city in the UK to twin with Malaga.

Celebrity handyman and original Big Brother winner, Craig Phillips, is backing easyJet's campaign. 

He said: "Twinning cities is about two places becoming 'friends', and making a relationship between them official.

"As the thousands of us who fly to Malaga each year know, it's a fantastic city with lots in common with Liverpool, not least it's sense of fun.

"Some of Liverpool's existing twin towns, like Shanghai in China and Odessa in Ukraine, are so far away that most people perhaps won't get the chance to visit them.  I think Malaga would be a twin town that Liverpudlians genuinely love and can really embrace the idea of twinning with.

"It would also give us an opportunity to invite 'Malagueños' (people from Malaga) over here to see what Liverpool has to offer too.  After a decade of us heading over there, it's about time we returned the favour and showed them some Scouse hospitality."

Like Liverpool, Malaga is a busy port which has reinvented itself over recent years to become a busy, cosmopolitan city with an exciting and multi faceted cultural scene - not to mention attracting thousands of tourists (or guiris as they say in Malaga) each year.

Malaga is yet to twin with a UK destination and with the ongoing relationship that exists between the two cities, easyJet is spearheading a campaign calling for Liverpool to be the first. 

Carly Brear, easyJet's UK commercial manager, explains: "It is 10 years since we launched our route from Liverpool to Malaga and this summer we expect to fly over 100,000 people to this sunshine hotspot.

"Malaga is, without a doubt, Liverpool's favourite holiday destination so we thought it was about time that we made the relationship between the two cities official.

"The partnership will promote tourism links between the two destinations, encourage cultural diversity between both communities as well as fostering trade partnerships and inward investment. More so it's a great opportunity to bolster the Liverpool economy."

Robin Tudor, Head of PR for Peel Airports,  added:  "Most people in the North West know that Malaga is the place to go for sun, sand and sea holidays, but there is no reason why we shouldn't be looking to attract visitors from Malaga over to Liverpool too.  

"We already see thousands of passengers from across Spain visit Liverpool, particularly with the strong Spanish football links in the city. Twinning Liverpool and Malaga would certainly help to attract even more visitors from southern Spain." 

As its first step in the campaign, easyJet is first aiming to secure popular support in Liverpool before turning its attention to gaining the backing of those in Malaga.

Councillor Warren Bradley, Leader of Liverpool City Council, commented on the campaign: "We are aware of the very intense competition developing to be Spain's European Capital of Culture City for 2016, and that Malaga is likely to be a strong candidate.

"We will be interested to see what the level of public support is for developing a more formal relationship between the two cities."


About Liverpool and Malaga

easyJet's Liverpool to Malaga route is 10 years old this July with over 2m passengers making the return journey so far. Almost 10% of all easyJet passengers travelling from Liverpool Airport are heading to Malaga.

Both Liverpool and Malaga have much in common, both being major ports which attract thousands of tourists a year. 

Malaga is currently following in Liverpool's shoes to share its heritage and lively modern culture with the world by preparing its bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2016 - a title Liverpool held in 2008

Both Malaga and Liverpool are also looking to their cultural heritage to attract tourists - Malaga as the birthplace of modern art through its most famous son, Pablo Picasso; Liverpool as the birthplace of modern music through their most notable sons, John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Anyone wishing to support the campaign should email liverpooleasyjet@beattiegroup.com



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