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Morelli's Gelato Launches a Dedicated Month of Unusual and Wonderful Flavours

Monday, 10 March 2014

Morelli's Gelato is excited to unveil a whole month of original gelato flavours to tempt, tickle and tantalise your taste buds!

#MorellisMonth, which will run throughout March, will celebrate the diversity of the already abundant menu at Morelli's Gelato by inviting fans of the brand to suggest their own flavours and have them realised by the Morelli's Gelato experts in all of their locations worldwide.

And, as Morelli's Gelato fans exist across the globe, the Morelli's Gelato team know that they have their work cut out for them. Gino Soldan, Morelli's Product Director, comments: “We are excited about the challenge and hope to receive requests from customers of all of our stores.  We anticipate a huge variety of suggestions from our world-wide fans and look forward to creating them: whether it's a very British treacle pudding gelato or a classic Arabic sticky date gelato.”

Throughout#MorellisMonth, Morelli's Gelato will also be keen to highlight the difference between gelato and its poor relation ice cream. "Gelato has a more intense flavour than ice cream, as ice cream generally contains more fat than gelato which creates a barrier between the true flavour and the tongue.  As gelato is lower in fat, it’s flavour reaches the taste buds directly then quickly melts away, leaving a fresher, purer and longer-lasting taste,” enthuses Bibi Morelli-Schofield, who proudly heads up the Morelli’s Gelato dynasty, which has been producing the treat since 1907. "But the key to the flavour of gelato is that it’s churned at a much slower speed than ice cream, which introduces less air into the base, so you get more pleasure per mouthful.  Added to that, it’s lower in calories than ice cream, so you can enjoy it as a treat with less guilt!" 

Morelli's Gelato can be found in exclusive locations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Malaysia, Manila, Monaco, Philippines, Georgia and USA.  They are also very excited to be adding locations in London and Gabon, among others, to their portfolio later in 2014. Of course, the original ice cream parlour can still be visited in Broadstairs, Kent.

To have your gelato flavour idea realised, why not tweet it to@MorellisGelatoand use the handle#MorellisMonth?

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