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Thursday, 17 May 2012

SECURITY specialist Netwatch will provide state-of-the-art CCTV security solutions to property developer Rushmon Homes it was announced today.

Netwatch will provide Rushmon with round-the-clock high-tech, extensive CCTV systems which include perimeter controls that link directly to the local police station.

The security consultant offers a next-generation asset protection solution with 24-hour watch, with intervention specialists within Netwatch's remote communication hub who detect intruders on the perimeter site security system and issue a personalised warning to them, alerting them that they have been seen and the police are on their way.

The contract comes after Netwatch revealed construction sites are increasingly becoming the targets of copper, lead and metal thieves, which is costing the industry more than £1.6bn a year.

David McCarthy, Director of Sales at Netwatch, explained: "This is a major problem for builders and developers. It is an absolutely astounding amount of money for the industry to be losing each year because of mindless thieves.

"This is why it is essential for companies like Rushmon to bring in an advanced security solution like our own in order to combat this. You find a lot of raw metals like copper, aluminium and lead on building sites, and the value of these materials has seen a huge rise over the past 12 months thanks to the fluctuating economy.

"With a lot of valuable plant and equipment like this on site at any given time security is an issue - more thieves are targeting sites across the UK. We believe it is far better to detect and prevent a crime from happening than trying to solve it afterwards. Even the best security guards can only be in one place at a time making it very difficult to deter thieves and vandals."

The high-tech security specialist has developed a bespoke security solution for Rushmon Homes which will deliver all the advantages of intensive manned security solutions at an extremely low cost. With a client base of more than 2000 across eight countries, Netwatch is rapidly becoming the industry leader.

McCarthy added: "When the Communication Hub issues a live audio warning, the intruder is taken unawares and the usual response is to immediately leave the site.

"We have seen clients go from losing thousands, or even millions every year, to almost zero losses through theft or damage since having Netwatch's cameras installed on their site. This is exactly what we aim to do for Rushmon.

"We recently had an incident where criminals arrived outside a Netwatch protected site with a specialist stripping machine in the back of their vehicle. Their intention was clearly to remove the wiring from the unoccupied buildings and strip the copper out to sell it. Luckily our communications hub intervened before they could go any further, and the gang was subsequently apprehended by police."

Roy Fisher, Commercial Director of Rushmon Homes, said Netwatch was the stand-out choice of security provider for the company's developments. He added: "We considered a number of security solutions carefully for Rushmon's developments across the South East but nothing came close to the sort of service Netwatch was offering us.

"Having a 24 hour a day service, offering unbeatable intruder detection solutions and a direct link to the police is exactly what we needed our development sites.

"Knowing how high the risk of theft is on building sites, it was extremely important for us to find a solutions provider who can detect and prevent it, rather than simply helping you catch the culprit afterwards."




Established in 2003 by David Walsh, Group CEO, and Niall Kelly, Director of Technology, Netwatch currently employs over 100 staff over 3 continents. The company's team of leading security experts has developed a bespoke 'next generation' asset protection solution. Netwatch currently monitors security for more than 2,150 blue-chip businesses, foiling over 35,000 incidents across its operations in the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, US and South Africa. Netwatch recently opened its first office in the USA.


Issued by Beattie Communications on behalf of the Netwatch