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New Churrasco Brings Taste South America To Ealing

Friday, 27 November 2009

FOGO - a Churrasco restaurant inspired by traditions that date back to 19th century Southern Brazil - has opened its doors to customers in Ealing.

Following more than £100,000 worth of investment and creating in excess of 26 jobs within the local community, Fogo - which means fire in Portuguese - is a 100-seat restaurant that looks set to transform the current high street restaurant offering.

Providing a fusion of flavours from across the globe, all food is freshly prepared each day in the restaurant offering dinners a varied selection of freshly prepared salads, cous cous, rice, pittas, chips, warm bread and dips. Passadors then continually carve various cuts of meat, poultry and freshly roasted vegetables directly from swords to your plate. 

Proprietor, Nick Lebetkin, says: "I'm passionate about food and have travelled the world looking for inspiration.

"There is no other dining experience that compares to Fogo - it brings a taste of Brazil to the UK that's been infused with a European twist. Our emphasis is on quality meat products accompanied by freshly prepared side dishes such as salads, rice and cous cous, all served in a theatrical setting at an affordable price."

With its stylish and contemporary interior, Fogo provides a stunning backdrop for the main event - the Passadors with their mouth-watering array of swords all laden with sizzling meats fresh from the flamed grill. 

Nick continues: "What I love about this style of dining is that it's engaging, encouraging dinners to explore meats that they may not have come across, all centred round a table bursting with fresh food.

"I'm so confident that this is a concept that the UK will come onboard with that an aggressive expansion strategy is already planned - watch this space - Fogo could be opening on a high street near you soon!"


Background info
History of Churrasco
Churrasco - traditional South American Food Churrasco (pronounced shoo-rhas-co) has it's origins in 19th century Southern Brazil. There, groups known as Gauchos lived in lush grassland regions.

Often - particularly in times of celebration - they would prepare feasts like barbeques. In the absence of more sophisticated equipment, they would skewer large pieces of meat cook them slowly over a wood burning fire. This produces slow cooked tenderness and richness of taste, still savoured hundreds of years later.

Derived from both Spanish and Portuguese words meaning to scorch or singe, Churrasco could be argued to mean barbeque. And done well with choice cuts of mean it still produces a wonderful meal today.

Replace the campsite fire of history with our well appointed restaurants, retain the flavours of tradition, and our well chosen produce, local where possible and you have the ingredients of an eating experience that you will savour and want to repeat.

Nick Lebetkin
Proprietor Nick Lebetkin has been in the hospitality industry for more than three years most recently managing a leading brand hotel chain in the North West.

His food hero is someone close to home - his mum! Her passion for food and her ability to rustle up a feast for 100+ at family gatherings sparked an early interest in food for Nick and he has since travelled the world to explore how different cultures engage with food and how ultimately food brings people together.

Why Ealing
We spent a lot of time researching what was to become the home of the first FOGO restaurant, but Ealing became a clear favourite. Ealing boasts a strong community network and it has a good vibe about it. But it hasn't got the food offering it deserves. FOGO is going to change that, shake things up a little and bring some global flavours to the UK's tastebuds.

Future ambitions
The launch of the FOGO restaurant in Ealing is just the beginning. We have an aggressive expansion strategy already in place and look set to launch our second FOGO restaurant in little over six months time.

FOGO menu
Before you are seated, your table will be adorned with a variety of freshly prepared salads such as: coleslaw, tabouleh, aubergine, beetroot, mixed green salad, houmous carrot & ginger salad, hot breads, cous cous, pittas, dips, chips and rice.

Food is then served to your table within moments of being seated by our Passador who will carve meat straight from the flame grills from swords. The range of meats we serve varies on a day to day basis to ensure variety and to reflect the season. You can expect to find: leg of lamb, rump, rib eye, sirloin, chicken legs, wings, thighs and livers, pork, chicken and beef sausages, venison, and pork.
If you have room, FOGO bake a range of desserts daily such as: Cheesecake, Chocolate cake, Apple Tart, Pavlova, Jam Rolly Polly, FOGO strawberry & banana fritter and a range of Rossi ice creams.

Full Fogo               £19.95
Vegetarian Fogo         £19.95
Child Fogo (5-10 years) £  9.95
Under 5s eat free      
*Fully loaded Fogo Pitta        £6.95
Fogo Desserts   £4.65

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday 12:00 - 11:00pm
Friday - Saturday 12:00 - 1:00am
Sunday 12:00 - 10:30pm

45 The Mall, Ealing, London, W5 3TJ