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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Beattie Communications has launched a new website to help b2b companies use Linkedin for new business, talent spotting and brand building.

“For b2b companies, Linkedin is the most effective platform on the internet for lead generation and recruitment. It leaves Facebook and Twitter dead in its tracks,” said Gordon Beattie, chairman of Beattie Communications.

“Unfortunately the majority of companies don’t know how to exploit its true potential as a new business generator. They see it as a job site. We will open their eyes and show them that Linkedin can be their number one source of new business.”

Beattie Communications has a fast-expanding Linkedin marketing team and is in the middle of hiring 10 new marketing executives.

“We want to recruit long-term unemployed young people who are internet-literate,” said Beattie. “We can train them up quickly and give them a job with a future.”

The Linkedin Marketing team helps clients:

  • Develop effective Linkedin new business strategies
  • Establish brand-building listings
  • Boost company and personal followers
  • Build relationships with these followers
  • Create Linkedin advertising campaigns
  • Data mine the site 
  • Spot and recruit new talent

The new website www.onlylinkedinmarketing.com does not just promote the team’s services. It also boasts a Linkedin Learning Academy that spells out how to use Linkedin for lead generation and recruitment purposes.

OnlyLinkedinMarketing.com is aimed at b2b companies in the UK and US.

Headquartered in London, Beattie Communications operates from 11 locations in the UK and has partners in 100 cities around the globe. Services include PR, media relations and web marketing.