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New Websites Launched Uk Tourism Business Doubles Turnover

Thursday, 04 November 2010


Online tourism and accommodation directory iknow-uk is launching two brand new websites this month in response to consumer demand - a demand which has helped it double its turnover in the past 12 months.


The company is launching www.iknow-homecounties.co.uk and www.iknow-cotswolds.co.uk, just months after its www.iknow-london.co.uk site went live, and is hoping these latest additions to its growing portfolio of regional tourism and hospitality guides will prove as popular as its other 16 websites.


iknow-uk has doubled its turnover in the past 12 months, rising to £2.25million, and the latest iknow-london website has already had more than  100,000 visitors since its launch in July.


Marcus Simmons, managing director at iknow-uk, said:  "We have been growing steadily since we launched our first website, www.iknow-yorkshire.co.uk in 2003 and will have all the major tourist regions in the UK covered by their own iknow sites by the end of the year.


"We've seen unprecedented growth in the past year and the recession has definitely led to an increased number of Brits choosing to holiday in the UK rather than heading abroad. 


"We have so many amazing destinations in the UK, from beautiful countryside and stunning coastlines to world class cities, and it's great news that British people seem to be re-discovering their own country."


iknow-uk's websites cover Britain's most popular tourist regions and are visited by more than a million users each month.  Last year the company also started to roll out hospitality sections on its sites in order to create a true one-stop-shop for anyone looking for information on a holiday or day out in the UK. 


Hospitality directories have been added to its popular www.iknow-hampshire.co.uk, www.iknow-scotland.co.uk and www.iknow-kent.co.uk sites this week, as part of its aggressive growth strategy, which will see it launch sites to cover the whole of the UK by the end of the year. 


Marcus continued:  "We've been thrilled with how popular our London site has been since its launch last month.  It's also interesting to see that it's not just the usual tourist hotspots attracting people to the capital - we're finding more and more visitors want to uncover the 'real' London, and have also had lots of people coming to the site to find out more about London's northern suburbs.


"The success has shown us the definite interest that Brits still have in visiting the south east of England, and we're confident that the new www.iknow-homecounties.co.uk and www.iknow-cotswolds.co.uk sites will prove just as successful in helping people plan their perfect trip away."


The company is offering no obligation free trials of the new site to owners of accommodation, tourism and hospitality businesses in the Home Counties and Cotswolds areas.  The trial will offer interested businesses a complete listing on the www.iknow-homecounties.co.uk or www.iknow-cotswolds.co.uk websites, which they can update and amend as they wish throughout the trial period.


Marcus added:  "We are so confident in the effect our sites have when it comes to driving business leads to customers, that we encourage them to take us up on our free trial.  We know that they'll receive real interest from our website visitors as a result, and are confident that they'll want to stay listed on the site even after the trial is over.  They've got nothing to lose!" 


Hospitality or accommodation providers looking to take advantage of the free trial offer, or list their business on one of iknow's other websites should visit www.iknow-uk.com or call 0800 064 3333.





Notes to Editors:


-     iknow-uk ltd launched iknow-yorkshire in September 2003. They have since launched iknow-scotland, iknow-lakedistrict, iknow-northwest, iknow-cornwall, iknow-devon, iknow-wales, iknow-dorset, iknow-kent, iknow-somerset, iknow-sussex, iknow-hampshire, iknow-northeast, iknow-peakdistrict and iknow-london, iknow-homecounties and iknow-cotswolds.


-     April 2009 saw the launch of a comprehensive hospitality section to iknow-yorkshire, which is now also available on iknow-lakedistrict and iknow-northwest, iknow-hampshire, iknow-scotland and iknow-kent.


-     Since their launch, the sites have received over 25 million visitors and created two million booking enquiries, which equates to £290 million worth of bookings, making iknow a leading authority on online bookings across the UK. 


-     For enquiries contact iknow-uk on 01772 521166.