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No Sex Please Were Snacking - Nearly Half British Housewives

Tuesday, 07 October 2008

We’ve always suspected it, but now it’s confirmed – food is better than sex!

According to a new survey carried out by Fridge Raiders chicken bites, over a third of British women would rather have a snack than sex with their partner - and for stay at home mums, this figure rises to nearly 40%!

Not only that, one in three women said they’d rather have a snack than chat to their partner - and one in four even prefer food to a snog!

The research also reveals that nearly 70% of British women spend more time thinking about food and snacks than sex but – rather revealingly – 70% of men think about sex more than food (maybe because they’re not getting any…)

A spokesperson for Fridge Raiders which commissioned the survey says: “It would seem that British women prefer to nibble on snacks than on their partners!

“Maybe couples should do their snacking together – it may always lead to something more interesting…!”

The survey also reveals some interesting snacking behaviour. Over half of those questioned (51%) said that despite the danger of crumbs, they enjoy snacking in the bed and – rather more worryingly – nearly one in three nibble whilst driving.

Forty eight percent also admit that they regularly snack at work – with this figure rising to a whopping 70% amongst secretaries.