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No Tip For Lack Free From Menu

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

NEARLY half of Brits with dietary problems are too afraid to eat out, it can be revealed.

Despite up to one in every 100 people living with coeliac disease and needing to follow a lifelong gluten and wheat free diet, while many more are opting to follow a wheat free diet as a lifestyle choice, including well-known celebs Fern Britton and Victoria Beckham, only a small number of restaurants in the UK currently cater for those on this special diet.

Recent research carried out by the gluten and wheat free brand, Dietary Specials (DS-gluten free) shows that 44 per cent of people with a dietary problem have given up on eating out after struggling to find anywhere which could cater for their needs and were too afraid of taking the risk. 

Food outlets across the UK often fail to understand dietary requirements, leaving those affected too embarrassed to visit restaurants in case of falling ill. Consuming food which a person may be allergic or have an intolerance to can cause serious health complications, including anaphylactic shock, swollen glands, severe abdominal pains, rashes, diarrhoea, migraines, bloating, constipation and even vomiting.

As part of Food Intolerance and Allergy Awareness week, which runs from 24 to 30 January, DS-gluten free is encouraging more businesses in [area] to cater for those on a special diet.

Michelle Shinn, Retail Brand Manager for DS-gluten free, explained:  "Only five per cent of people on a gluten and wheat free diet in our survey had never experienced a problem when eating out, but simple changes to menus, such as switching mainstream pasta for our gluten free version, can make all the difference.

"Many people with allergies and intolerances are frustrated with the lack of choice when choosing where to eat and worry about the consequences of eating food which may contain harmful ingredients to them. Many would rather stay in than take the risk.

"Our advice for those worried about visiting restaurants is to call ahead to discuss their concerns and outline their allergies to see if they can cater for the special diet. Also, many of our customers take snacks with them when eating out in case the restaurant does not have an alternative."

DS-gluten free is the market leader in wheat and gluten free food and its products can be found in all the major retailers across the UK.

To find out more about DS-gluten free, please visit http://www.dietaryspecials.co.uk/



Notes to editors:

  • Nutrition Point is a UK company which was established in 1998 by entrepreneur Chris Hook, who was frustrated at the lack of food choices available for his wife and son who both suffer from wheat intolerance
  • Nutrition Point was established to distribute and market gluten and wheat products and remains committed to making gluten and wheat free food as convenient and tasty as mainstream foods
  • Their Dietary Specials brand (DS-gluten free) is brand leader in the sector
  • Since 1998 the team has been working closely with the loyal DS-gluten free customer base to develop a superb product range including ambient, chilled and frozen foods
  • DS-gluten free and TRUfree products cater for those with coeliac disease, and wheat or gluten allergies or intolerances, and are also suitable for those who choose a wheat or gluten free diet for lifestyle reasons
  • In 2002, Nutrition Point became part of the Dr Schär group which has been established for over 25 years and is the European market leader in gluten and wheat free foods
  • In 2006, Dr Schär further strengthened their consumer offering across Europe by acquiring the whole free from business unit from Numico. This acquisition meant that Nutrition Point became responsible for the distribution and marketing of the Glutafin brand in healthcare and TRUfree brand in retail throughout the UK and Ireland