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Oncam Global Group Chairman Hosts Opening Session Inaugural Iraq National

Friday, 30 September 2011

Oncam Global Group's chairman hosted the first session of the Iraq National Strategic Summit as the war-torn country seeks $90bn of security solutions to facilitate its reconstruction.

Ahmed Jawad's 'Borders, Inter-cities and CCTV Solutions and Systems' presentation marked the opening of the two day summit in Istanbul on September 29. Mr Jawad's presentation was followed by discussions with Adnan Al-Asadi, Deputy Minister of Interior, Athil Al-Nujaifi, Governor of Nineveh Governorate and Brigadier Ali Fadhil Abood, Directorate of Intelligence and Security, Ministry of Defence

The summit served as an opportunity for Iraq's newly elected government to explore security solutions for the on-going reconstruction process. Its determination to this process is clear with $86.4bn being allocated to facilitate rapid improvement.

Ahmed Jawad, Chairman, Oncam Global Group said, "The Iraq National Strategic Summit was a great opportunity for the key decision makers in the country to meet representatives from the security industry and discuss solutions.

"Security is a prerequisite in all industries in Iraq and there can be no doubt that there are challenges ahead with the timetabled withdrawal of coalition forces.

"The discussions highlighted that traditional border protection is not sufficient and that hi-tech CCTV solutions are necessary. It also became clear that Iraq's diverse nature requires bespoke solutions to maximise results in both urban and rural environments."

The Iraq Government expressed a wish to trial various technologies before entering into agreements.

Sami Ghalloob Abdullah, Secretary for Defence, said: "I can emphasise that we are very serious about using the latest CCTV technology and are considering a 2 stage project for border control."

Athil Al-Anjaifi, Governor of Nineveh Governorate, added: "We want to review and get updated with the latest technologies and get the best systems available - CCTV and the latest technology can help us reduce incidents in difficult security conditions."

The Iraq National Strategic Summit allowed Ministers, their Deputies and Director Generals to give an overview of their strategy and requirements together with the associated budgets allocated to these activities and will provide specific technical contract information.

There were also private roundtables set up for each minister and their contracting officials, with delegates being given a choice of preferred prescheduled meetings.

Oncam Global Group offers a total implementation package, from a customised design-utilising award-winning Oncam cameras and best-in-breed technologies to delivery and installation of the solution, to full and tested deployment. The company is proud to lead the industry through innovation and investing in research and development to meet the needs of its expanding client base.

Nizar Al-Rufaie, CEO Oncam Iraq, said: "The summit provided me the opportunity to have private consultations with leading ministries to discuss vital security issues affecting Iraq's strategic projects.

"I believe that through our award winning and true 360 degree technology we can work with the government and citizens of Iraq to provide a safer and more secure environment."

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