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Oncam Global partners with SeeTec to deliver world’s best 3D dewarping experience

Tuesday, 03 April 2012

Oncam Global Group, a world leading security technology and solutions provider, today announced a partnership with SeeTec AG to provide the world's best 3D dewarping experience enabling Total Situational Awareness through 360-degrees.

SeeTec video management software is platform-independent, and supports devices from all leading camera and hardware manufacturers. Being a true client-server-solution, it is easily scalable from one camera up to more than thousands of edge devices. With the Multi Solution Platform, SeeTec offers an open solution concept containing extension modules like LPR or analytics as well as specific solutions for vertical markets such as industry, logistics, retail and finance.

The partnership will allow full integration of SeeTec's network video recorder (NVR) platform with Oncam 3D dewarping and their patented Grandeye technology software. It will also enable both companies to provide simultaneous steaming of multiple video formats and resolutions under one SeeTec camera licence.

Oncam and SeeTec will work together on a number of global projects including providing first-class surveillance to parks, ports, cities, critical transport infrastructure, and retail developments.

Greg Alcorn, Director of Sales, Oncam Global Group, said the partnership with SeeTec represents a key phase in the group's global expansion strategy.

He added: "Our partnership with SeeTec has positioned us effectively to continue our leadership and explore new growth opportunities across the market place.

 "We are very excited about the partnership and are very much looking forward to deploying our leading product technology portfolio to develop an integrated solution that will deliver first-class video security solutions across the world."

The 3D dewarping within the SeeTec platform works in conjunction with Oncam 360-degree cameras to provide the user with Total Situational Awareness that is able to provide flexible solutions that can be tailored to any application. By dewarping within the SeeTec platform, Oncam 360 fisheye streams and images, users are provided with retrospective PTZ on both live and recorded images. This results in the user having total situation awareness for both past and present events, allowing for fast acquisition, tracking, interrogation, and verification of any scene without any blind spots.

Kaj Svenningson, Chief Expansion Officer at SeeTec, said: "The partnership between SeeTec and Oncam Global is going to lead to a number of advantages for the end user. We are providing users with the world's best 360-degree dewarping experience.

"There will be integration of both H.264 and MJPEG video streams of fisheye views, panoramic 180 and 360 views, and 4x vcams views. This leads to multiple resolutions for all.

"We're very excited about taking this partnership forward to the next step."



Oncam Global Group

Oncam Global Group was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Switzerland with regional offices in, the UK, US, Turkey Iraq and the Middle East.

Oncam Global integrated GrandEye as its technology and engineering arm, providing a suite of 360-degree technology for security and liability protection applications.

The cornerstone of the Oncam security solution is a unique process that enables video surveillance, acquisition, tracking and interrogation of 'suspicious' behaviour enabling the verification of a potential threat.

This in-turn provides the necessary intelligence needed to make a measured response to any critical situation. The unique line of 360° IP cameras used in this process utilise award-winning, GrandEye technology that is recognized as the global industry leader in Total Situation Awareness.


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