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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Only Marketing is to launch a social media advertising campaign that tells the world’s biggest brands to take a hike.

The Take A Hike campaign trumpets the fact that Only Marketing is not interested in working with world-renowned brands and big corporations like Ferrari and Chanel.

As the UK’s first entrepreneurial marketing agency, Only Marketing wants to work only with fast growing SMEs and dynamic start-ups.

“We want to help the most ambitious of the UK’s 5.7 million small and medium-sized enterprises, to grow and prosper,” said Only Marketing director Emma Tyson.

“We’re not prepared to work with big corporations or lifestyle businesses. We only want to work with companies that are determined to revolutionise the sectors in which they operate.

“They are the job creators of today and the wealth creators of tomorrow and we have created our agency from the ground up to help them grow faster. 

“For instance, we don’t provide standalone marketing services. Instead we offer marketing bundles that are designed to enable ambitious firms to grow faster. 

“We can also give them access to top flight virtual marketing directors and we’ll even in-board staff to their premises if that helps them accelerate growth.

“Every big business in the world started small, and with the right marketing support and economic conditions, they can be turned into giants.”

Only Marketing is a subsidiary of Beattie Communications Group and operates from their offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.



For further information, please contact Emma Tyson or call 0800 612 9890.