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Over 1000 Practices Sign Up To Ease Cqc Compliance

Thursday, 12 January 2012

More than 1,000 GP practices in the UK are now using new software to prepare for upcoming CQC compliance evaluations.

The iQ CQC Management System, developed by iQ Medical, has so far received orders from 21 practice manager groups, CCGs PCTs, and hundreds of individual practices, encompassing over 1,000 practices, who have seen that this system is the most effective way to prepare for registration and compliance checks.

Graham Poulter, Managing Director of iQ Medical, said: "It's now only nine months until registration commences, and more and more practice managers are now looking for a solution to the compliance process. The registration element may have been simplified, but compliance definitely has not, and ideally it will need to be in place by September 2012."

The iQ CQC Management System provides more than 300 polices and procedures, implementation records and evidence summaries to help ensure practices are compliant from the start.

It then automatically updates all those policies, as and when necessary, and alerts practice management to any changes to ensure that practices are always up to date.

Practices can then rate their compliance with policies safe in the knowledge that they are working from the current version.

The system also keeps record of regular review times showing which policies are due to be reviewed and when.

Staff training is also logged on the system, providing evidence of skills and knowledge, and provides prompts when reviews are due.

Graham added: "It is this evidence of training which forms one of the most critical parts of practices' direct evidence in CQC inspections, as it shows that not only are practices' documents up to date, but their staff's knowledge is too".

"In just over a year, GP practices will have more responsibility than ever before so it is vital that they are prepared".

"For many, the biggest part of this is thorough compliance checking. This system can manage that responsibility for them and, by reducing practice managers' admin levels, free them up to do their valuable job without becoming lost in paperwork."

For more information, visit http://www.iq-medical.co.uk/ or call 01937 587798.




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Notes to Editors


  • Since 2003, iQ Medical has developed a range of products specifically for general practice. It currently works with more than 3,500 practices and numerous PCTs to deliver support through innovative and unique management tools.
  • The efficiencies which iQ Medical helps create ease the increasing workload in primary care and ensure a greater in-depth understanding of patients and their care needs.
  • iQ Medical's tools deliver more quality performance and productivity through innovation - the criteria by which all Commissioning Care Groups - will be judged in the future.
  • The company's focus is to deliver greater value and accountability for the NHS budget, which can be effectively monitored by iQ Budget & Data Manager.
  • iQ Budget & Data Manager enables accurate and automatic validation of secondary care information compared with primary care information from the practice clinical systems. This includes extensive customisable reporting to support contract monitoring, commissioning targets and service re-design and also offers integral financial monitoring.
  • iQ HealthMaps provides each practice with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse health needs of their local populations in order to support the development of a comprehensive JSNA which will target improvements, optimise service delivery and reduce costs in the face of increasing financial pressures.
  • iQ Medical also provides a range of "back office compliance" tools for practices to manage employment law, health and safety, practice finances, QOF, equipment inventory, drug stocks and service continuity planning.
  • These will improve CCG performance by standardising all these GP practices' compliance activities.