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Overwhelming Support From Dentists For Cqc Opposition

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dentists in England are almost unanimously opposed to the forthcoming regulation of dentists by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), it was revealed today.


According to a survey of dentists carried out by DPAS Dental Plans, a leading dental plan administrator, the overwhelming feeling is that the new system of regulation will do nothing to improve patient outcome, will reduce access to dentistry and will needlessly push up costs.


DPAS Dental Plans surveyed almost 400 dentists from across England and Wales and found:

  • 99.5% did not feel that the CQC regulation would produce any significant improvement for patients
  • 99.2% were not confident that CQC staff were sufficiently knowledgeable about dentistry
  • 90.9% felt that it would reduce the time available for the provision of dentistry
  • 95.9% felt the move would "inevitably" push up the cost of dentistry to patients


Quentin Skinner, chairman of DPAS, said: "This survey just illustrates the situation outlined by the British Dental Association last week of low morale in the dental profession.


"At a time when the Government is looking for ways to cut public spending and has pledged to reduce red tape for small businesses, this unnecessary change does neither.


"Dentistry is already fully regulated by the General Dental Council, so we would urge the Government to reconsider amending the law so that this wasteful situation can be avoided."


The survey follows an open letter published earlier this week signed by Mr Skinner, Chris Dean of the Dental Law Partnership and 377 dentists calling for the Government to exempt dentists from the CQC's remit.


Earlier this year, a similar submission by Mr Dean was among the most popular to be posted on the Government's YourFreedom website - set up so that people could suggest which areas of red tape could easily be cut without damaging services.




The survey was sent out to DPAS customer dentists in England, and received 396 responses 


Note to editors:


DPAS Ltd carries dental plan payment collection and insurance administration for around 500,000 people across the UK.


The Dental Law Partnership (DLP) was established on 1st August 2000 by former dentists David Corless-Smith and Greg Waldron. 


 DLP is currently the only firm of solicitors with a team of in-house dental experts to advise its legal department on the specifics of each case. The team assesses all aspects of the patient's history, whether or not the dentist followed procedures correctly and if the case should be pursued further.


To date, it has acted on behalf of more than 3,000 people in England and Wales in respect of dentists failing to provide their patients with adequate care.


DLP is a member of the Law Society and is a Lexcel-accredited practice.  DLP provides clients with a range of funding options with the majority of cases being run on a conditional fee agreement.