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Parents go digital in a bid to better juggle work and childcare

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

TIME-POOR parents are turning to online learning in order to balance career development with childcare, according to a survey.

Research by leading online learning company ICS Learn found large numbers of men and women are embarking on digital courses in a bid to climb the career ladder – or open doors to a new job with better childcare options.

The company surveyed its database of students to research attitudes among parents who are currently studying on its courses.

Around 66% of respondents said they had one or more child under-school age.  More than half (51%) balance full-time work with study, while 15% described their job as “inflexible” and 14% listed ‘stay at home parent’ as their occupation.

A majority (56%) said they had chosen ICS Learn to open the door to a new career while others said they wanted a new career option which was easier to combine with childcare and to further their existing career. Meanwhile almost 60% were attracted to the courses because of the flexible studying options.

ICS Learn’s Chief Executive Officer, Colin Kennedy, said the results demonstrated that online learning is the perfect model for parents who want to upskill, but have commitments to juggle.

He said: “Balancing work and family commitments can be incredibly stressful and tiring.

“For today’s time poor students – particularly those with young children – online learning offers the perfect outlet. Our survey has found that is the case for those looking to open the door to a new career which offers better childcare or a better work/life balance, or to achieve more in their existing career.

“The fact digital course students can access their material anytime/anywhere from a range of devices makes this flexible way of learning particularly attractive.”

ICS Learn provides courses across Accounting, Fitness, HR and A-levels and GCSEs and its client base includes Royal Bank of Scotland, Volkswagen, NHS 24, McDonalds and Arnold Clark.

For more information on the range of courses available with ICS Learn visit https://www.icslearn.co.uk/




Issued by Beattie, The Creative Communications Group, on behalf of ICS Learn.



Notes to Editors:

  1. ICS Learn is the world's most experienced distance learning organisation
  2. A pioneer in teaching skills and qualifications at a distance for over 125 years, ICS Learn believe online learning should fit around their student’s life; courses can be studied from home, from work or from anywhere they want
  3. Although the majority are based in the UK, students are attracted to their flexible working from all over the world to study a range of courses across Accounting, Fitness, HR and A-levels and GCSE.
  4. Their qualifications are respected and widely recognised with the aim of improving your skills or employability and are accredited by awarding bodies and higher education institutions, including CIPD, AAT, ILM and CIPS.