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Pe Teachers Beware Adventurous Thirty-Somethings Head Outdoors

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Brits in their thirties are set to flock outdoors in 2011 to overcome fears of outdoor pursuits ingrained by their bossy PE teachers in their childhood.


Activities providers listing on iknow-uk's 18 regional websites have reported a trend of thirty-somethings looking for exciting ways to switch off at the weekend - with many deciding to try sports they had sworn they would never go near again, thanks to nagging PE teachers.


68 per cent of Brits questioned by iknow-uk admitted to being put off at least one outdoor sport following embarrassing incidents or annoying teachers at school.  32 per cent were scared of taking part in watersports after bullying teachers forced them to take part.


A further 51 per cent said they would reconsider taking up outdoor pursuits as adults, while 18 per cent of thirty-somethings questioned said they have now taken up a sport they once feared as a child.


Being forced to wear lost property PE kits, being made to try watersports despite a fear of water, and enduring injuries in class were all cited as bad PE memories which put people off activities well into adulthood.


One company which has been helping thirty-somethings rediscover the sports of their youth is River Deep Mountain High in Cumbria.  Johan Hoving, owner and course leader, explained:  "I've had plenty of people coming to me looking to improve their confidence, particularly with sports like kayaking and canoeing.  Many of them have an ingrained fear of outdoor pursuits caused by overzealous PE teachers and bad experiences at outdoor pursuits centres during school years.


"The great thing about having a weekend away trying activities that have been off the agenda since school is that my customers get a completely different delivery style which enables them to come away with a sense of achievement from facing their fears.  And they realise that getting outside in our beautiful British countryside is actually really enjoyable when you don't have a teacher shouting orders in your ear!  We ensure people feel safe and encouraged which enables them to get stuck in and have fun."


River Deep Mountain High is listed on tourism and accommodation website iknow-lakedistrict.co.uk.  Marcus Simmons, managing director of iknow-lakedistrict.co.uk, said:  "It's amazing how the experiences people have as children last well into adulthood.   People are obviously getting into their thirties and are deciding to take their spare time back into their own hands by taking a deep breath and facing their fears!"


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  • - River Deep Mountain High has been operating in the Lake District, Cumbria for 8 years and takes out over 3000 participants a year. They were runners up in the Cumbria Tourism Experience of the Year 2010.


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