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Place Sun Not Worth Losing Sleep Over Says Easyjet

Thursday, 27 August 2009

The average British holidaymaker gets out of bed one hour and 45 minutes earlier than they would like to when abroad just so they can bag the best sun lounger.

Despite 71 per cent of UK tourists claiming that rest and relaxation is the most important part of getting away, a survey conducted by low-fares airline easyJet revealed that in extreme cases some people are prepared to get out of bed up to four and a half hours earlier than they would on a normal weekend and up to one and a half hours earlier than they would rise for work just to secure the prime pool-side spot.

The earliest time respondents were prepared to wake up on holiday to nab the best sun lounger was 5.30am!

Unsurprisingly, the survey also showed that the average Brit goes to bed two hours later on holiday which means that a combination of early starts and late nights can actually leave us feeling more exhausted than we were before our 'relaxing' week in the sun.

Paul Simmons, easyJet UK general manager says: "The vast majority of people we surveyed ranked rest and relaxation as the most important elements of a holiday over and above experiencing a new culture or even spending quality time with loved ones.

"It is therefore quite shocking to see the lengths some people will go to just to get the best spot by the pool and, despite going away to relax, many of us are even prepared to lose valuable sleep over this holiday ritual."

Senior psychologist, Dr David Holmes thinks holiday makers should change their attitude from competition to cooperation.  He comments: "Better to relax and get to know your fellow sun lovers by the pool, initially sharing the burden of reserving loungers between three of you, so you only get up early once in three days. 

"Eventually, you will have an extended 'family' of friends that are able to freely share loungers rather than anxiously guarding them against the 'enemy'.  Holidays are for relaxing, making friends and feeling good and here is an opportunity to do just that and end the sun lounger war!"

To help those holiday makers who aren't up for the early morning sun lounger battle, easyJet has compiled a list of quieter holiday spots where a lie-in is more likely to be on the cards. Destinations such as Porto, Menorca and Agadir are recommended over their busier neighbours Faro, Majorca and Marrakech with popular hot spots on the Costa del Sol, Canary Islands and Algarve recommended for those who enjoy the sun lounger rivalry.

The survey also revealed the top five sun lounger personalities for tourists to look out for in their bid to secure the perfectly positioned sun lounger:

Early Riser 'Sleep is for Wimps'

Will sacrifice a lie-in in order to bag the best sun lounger and is often seen waiting for the pool area to open

The Lurker 'Watch Your Back'

Not prepared to sacrifice sleep for their spot by the pool but is willing to make enemies by slyly removing people's towels and nabbing 'claimed' sun loungers for themselves

The Intimidator 'Neighbour from Hell'

Again, not prepared to forgo their lie-in for a sun lounger but creates their own spot by driving away other holidaymakers with an assortment of antisocial behaviour

The Novice 'Position is Key'

Hurriedly settles for any old sun lounger but later regrets their choice when they find themselves in the shade for the majority of the afternoon

The Loser 'All's Fair in Love and War'

Newcomers to sun lounger etiquette these people are unaware of the tactics required to bag a spot and often end up on the floor or abandoning the pool for the beach

easyJet's survey showed that UK holiday makers spend an average of four and a half hours per day sunbathing with some people confessing to over eight hours of sun worship each day.





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