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Private Sector Revolutionises University Life

Monday, 08 August 2011

The days of students enjoying sleeping until late afternoons in the student union and extended summer breaks could soon come to an end as the private sector revolutionises university life.

LCA Business School is pioneering a new degree structure aimed at combating spiralling student fees and ensuring graduates are "work ready" that could eventually be adopted by universities across the country.

The private business school in central London has structured all of its teaching time into two nine to five days, offering twelve hours of tuition condensed into just two days per week..  That leaves the remaining five days for students to do their own studies and also find part time employment to help fund their degrees and gain valuable work experience prior to graduating.

LCA is even offering students the chance to fast track their studies by taking an accelerated two-year degree by forgoing their long summer break.

By stripping away the normal university perks, such as a student union, sports clubs and social activities, LCA aims to provide students with an experience more akin to the working world.  With its location in the heart of London and business focussed faculty, LCA has designed a degree model focussed on quality learning.

The structure has also enabled LCA to cap its annual fees at £4,500, whereas the average across both the public and private sector will be £9,000 from 2012.

Professor Steve Lumby, principal of LCA Business School, said: "Spiralling university fees are threatening to alienate many school leavers who no longer see higher education as an affordable option.

"We are striving to offer students a flexible and affordable option which enables them to work, earn and learn, graduating with minimal debts and valuable work experience on their CV.

"We fully accept that our students will not receive the traditional university experience of student unions and sports clubs but what we can offer them is the chance to graduate with a business-focused degree and work experience that will make them desirable to employers."





The London College of Accountancy was founded in 2000. It received a Queen's award for Enterprise in 2006 and 2010. LCA has now launched a degree level Business School in Central London overlooking Farringdon tube station and Smithfields.

The privately run business school offers accredited full-time undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications in a selection of business focused courses.

With graduate debt in mind, LCA Business School has competitive tuition fees (£3,375pa-£4,500pa). And the structured learning schedule has been specifically designed to allow students to undertake part-time employment and keep graduate debt to a minimum.

Full-time courses can be completed in either 3 years or by a fast track 2 year route. In 2011 LCA Business School will also introduce an accelerated 2 year degree that leads with a 3rd year programme to a professional accountancy qualification (ACCA).

Total LCA Undergraduates 2010-2011 - 1,500; Postgraduate 1,000




Issued by Beattie Communications on behalf of the LCA Business School