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Sarnie Barmy Brits Spend 33 Million Lunch Each Day

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Brits are splashing out £33.6 million[1] every day on ready-made lunches - and could save over £4,000 during their working lifetime if they made just one sandwich a week, according to new figures out today.

Each day, time-pressed adults in Britain will spend an average of £2.50 on lunch[2], which adds up to more than £550 every year - or £22,000 over a lifetime.

And, just one home-made sandwich a week instead of a shop-bought equivalent would save the average British worker £4,800 during the course of their working life, according to the report by Warburtons to launch its Save Tons on Lunch campaign.

The research by Britain's favourite family baker also reveals:

  • The Scottish public is very penny-wise, with 41 per cent of Edinburgh residents and 37 per cent of Glasgow residents buying a pre-prepared lunch or sandwich from a shop just once a week. Only four per cent of Edinburgh residents and five per cent of Glasgow residents buy a pre-prepared lunch five times a week.
  • Half of all budget-conscious Britons say they are making more home-made sandwiches this year than last, while almost a quarter (21 per cent) say they frequently use last night's leftovers for a 'free lunch' the next day
  • Men are not as quick as women to make the change, more than half (57 per cent) are spending the same amount on ready-made lunches as they were a year ago
  • More than a third (36 per cent) of Brits claim they are too busy to make lunch, even though seven in ten people polled (74 per cent) claim to make a sandwich in less than three minutes
  • Up to a third (29 per cent) feel proud when they've made a homemade lunch because of the money they've saved, and more than a third (35 per cent) feel good because they know they're eating quality and healthy ingredients if they pack their own
  • Bristolians are the most penny-wise, with more than half (54 per cent) making more home-made lunches this year than last, higher than the national average, closely followed by happy-lunchers in Liverpool (53 per cent) and Manchester (52 per cent)
  • The cities not so keen to lunch for less, were Cardiff and Sunderland, with a quarter (25 per cent) of people in Cardiff, followed by 24 per cent of folk in Sunderland quoted as saying they 'can't be bothered' to make a home-made lunch.

Jessica Bowker, a spokesperson for Warburtons, which carried out the poll to encourage the nation to 'lunch for less', says: "It's no secret that we spend unnecessary amounts of money on ready-made lunches, but it's staggering when you find out exactly how much is spent.

"With a few simple changes to your shopping and cooking habits, you can make great savings and enjoy a fresh and nutritious lunch that's filling and fulfilling, as the research shows we all feel great when we've made our own lunch and saved a few pennies.

"It takes no time at all to make a home-made sandwich, the vast majority of us take less than three minutes, a similar amount of time that it takes to post a 'tweet' on Twitter, check out your latest status on Facebook, or download music - we can all find the time if we try."

For money saving lunch tips, recipe suggestions and advice on how to save tons on lunch visit www.savetonsonlunch.co.uk.


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Notes to Editors:

  • Research was undertaken online by Lightspeed Research between 27th June and 2nd July 2009. Total sample size was 1,800 UK residents.
  • Warburtons is the UK's leading independent baker and was established in a grocery shop in Bolton in 1876 by Thomas and Ellen Warburton. Today the business is actively run by the fifth generation of the Warburton family - Jonathan, Brett and Ross.
  • Warburtons is the second biggest grocery brand in the UK[3].
  • With fourteen bakeries and thirteen depots around the UK, the company serves customers from the Scottish Islands & Highlands in the North to Southampton in the South.
  • Warburtons produces over two million loaves, rolls and crumpets every day and in the UK we eat the equivalent of nine million large loaves of bread on a daily basis[4].
  • For local stockists please call the Warburtons Freephone Customer Careline on 0800 243 684.



[1] Figure based on (CIA) statistics for number of UK adults (18+), 48m

28% of British adults say they spend £2.50 on lunch each day.

[2] £2.50 lunch typically includes a sandwich, snack (i.e. crisps) and a soft drink.


[3] Source:  Nielsen & The Grocer Magazine, Britain's 100 Biggest Brands, March 2009

[4] Statistics provided by the Federation of Bakers.