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Scot To Be Inducted Into Digital Literacy Hall Fame

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Cardonald College Glasgow lecturer is to be honoured for his efforts in promoting digital literacy across Scotland by being inducted into the Digital Literacy Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada this August.

While there, Deryck Nutley, who is from Paisley, will be rewarded alongside five other international candidates from across the globe in the Inspiration Award category - the highest honour of the Certiport PATHWAYS 2009 international conference to be held on 2nd August in Toronto.

A former physics lecturer, Deryck's love affair with computing and the internet began in the early 90's, but little did he know then that he would be responsible for creating a vital computing and internet skills network that would bridge the 'digital divide' in Scotland.

Now, as manager of the IT Providers Consortium in Scotland (ITPCS), Deryck is responsible for implementing IC³® - the Certiport Internet and Computing Core Certification - into the IT curriculum as a launching pad for more complex courses and to provide students, some of whom have little or no computing skills, with training that meets both national and international standards of excellence.

Deryck says : "I first listened to a presentation about IC³ in 2004, and quickly recognised the potential the programme had to develop the computing and internet skills necessary for bridging the digital divide in Scotland. It really became quite apparent that it was very, very suitable for what we were trying to do in Scotland to meet basic digital literacy needs."

Deryck adds: "The IT Providers Consortium in Scotland was formed in 2004. It was created especially to link the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) national certifications to other more widely recognised industry certifications, in order that students undergoing training and certification could participate in and receive the benefits of both."

The role of "lead centre" to spearhead the effort was awarded to Cardonald College Glasgow following a tender submitted by Deryck.  Since then, he has managed and helped grow the consortium to triple its initial size to include 80% of the colleges in Scotland.

The consortium focuses on two main objectives-to raise the digital competency of Scottish students and to give learners the technical support to develop their skills.

Deryck provides administrative, technical, curricular and marketing support to the ITPCS member colleges. As the expert for colleges interested in implementing a digital literacy programme, he recognizes Certiport IC³ as one of the premier programmes for obtaining Scottish and international certification.

"The road to developing digital skills sufficient to earn IC³ is not easy for everyone," says Deryck. Although keenly aware of the gap in knowledge and skills for those with no prior computing skills, he says that IC³ helps fill the skill gaps and meets the needs of not only adults who did not grow up with the technology but also younger students who never had the opportunity to learn.

"For some of these kids it may be their first certification success ever," he adds. "One thing that is important if you're going to ask someone to undergo certification is that it has to be obtainable and it has to be achievable starting from a zero skillset. IC³ meets that need nicely."

Deryck  endorses IC³ in part because of its attainability: "The certification, made up of just three component exams, is generally easier for students to complete than other available programmes." He says that IC³ sparks students' interest and provides them with a good foundation for further skill development once they have achieved basic digital literacy.

In addition to this, most of the students in the consortium colleges tend to seek more advanced IT training after obtaining IC³. Deryck adds that the training makes students aware of the skills they need for success and that with IC³ and Certiport's recognised name in global certification, students that achieve certification are job-ready.

On his induction to the Digital Literacy Hall of Fame, Deryck adds:  "The actual achievement of IC³ gives individuals a confidence boost and it validates the skills they now really possess. What we're looking for is empowerment of individuals - that they then feel competent. The fact that I've been able to assist the roll-out of computer literacy in Scotland is wonderful. To be inducted into the Digital Literacy Hall of Fame for my efforts with a trip to Toronto really is the icing on the cake!"


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