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Scottish Businessman Set For Uk Roll Out Online Discount Venture

Monday, 06 June 2011

After almost two decades spearheading the growth of several multi-billion pound international businesses, Alex McNutt is focusing his attention on an emerging market of technology-savvy shoppers.

The Glasgow-born businessman has launched TreatTicket.com in Glasgow today (Monday 6 June 2011), a daily deal website that offers substantial discounts on a range of experiences and treats from overnight stays and spa packages to restaurant offers and golfing days.

Alex - along with a consortium of private investors - have ploughed their own cash into the business and have ambitious plans to fast track the roll out to 16 cities in just 14 months.

The Glasgow launch follows hot on the heels of a successful unveiling in Belfast which has become the fastest growing group buying website in Northern Ireland in just four weeks.

Former CEO of Anglian Windows and President for ADT Fire and Security for Europe and South Africa, Alex has travelled the globe identifying international growth opportunities and opening up new markets. As Chairman and founder of TreatTicket.com he believes they have created a business that puts both local businesses and people at the heart of it.  

He said: "Nowadays it's the done thing to shop around for the best deal. People look for value without compromising on service and that is what our business is all about. The concept is simple with a massively discounted treat featured on the site every day. Variety and value will form the basis of our daily treats with a great offer every day of the week. We've looked at various models on the market and we believe we've created a brand that will support local businesses whilst still offering great value to customers. Our quality of service will give us longevity and ensure repeat custom and loyalty in what is a very competitive industry. 

"We have sought permission from everyone in our database so businesses can be assured that they are talking to people who are genuinely interested in hearing from them. We have been out in the streets introducing the concept and finding out what the people of Glasgow like treat wise. We have worked hard to create a business model that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the market. Today's shoppers are embracing this way of buying goods and services and businesses have a real opportunity here to gain new custom. In Belfast we have already had reports from our treat providers of a significant upsurge in sales and repeat bookings following their promotion on TreatTicket. We are in this for the long haul and see real potential for growth throughout the UK."

TreatTicket.com has its HQ in Belfast, already employing 20 staff. Mary McCall, Managing Director of the company is leading the expansion plans and recruitment drive for at least another 40 sales staff throughout the UK.

She said: "We want to ensure that we make a real impact and offer businesses and subscribers a new form of 'shopping' for the 21st Century. Cash in households across the country might be tight but treats don't need to be out of the question. The majority of people on our database work hard and want to treat themselves without worrying about their bank balance.         

"Today's consumers are both tech savvy and value driven and demand a level of service which we can deliver. As we expand our geographical footprint we plan to bring treats without the price tag to the fingertips of consumers throughout the UK."

TreatTicket.com will launch in Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and Dublin in the next three months. Local businesses can apply to be featured on the site directly through the TreatTicket website www.treatticket.com.